Monday, October 1, 2018

Pet Abandonment – Think Before You Get a Dog

These days it is a sort of fashion to get a dog as a pet. And not just any dog. Only a fancy breed will do. People buy expensive dogs and show them off with pride.

Things go well for some time. However, a dog, whether it is your local street dog or a fancy breed, needs care, love, and attention. It is expensive. You must spend the time to keep him well groomed. You must spend on food. He needs to be taken out for a walk. You have to clean his poop.

The novelty wears off after some time. People find that a dog becomes a burden. You can trust a dog to be faithful and true to you. However, you cannot trust people to return that trust and affection. This is what they do. They take their dog in a car for a long ride and, in some other part of the city, they push the dog out and drive away. The dog is left to fend for himself. If he is lucky he manages to survive on whatever scraps he can find. More often he falls a victim to the local street dogs.

This is heartless and a blot on humanity. 
Know the reasons why are animals abandoned

Would you do that to your child?

People who wish to get a dog as a pet must think through about everything that is involved in inducing a pet into the family. Dogs are sensitive. They are affectionate. They trust implicitly. Dog owners who abandon pets are breaking a precious trust, worse than committing a sin. How would you feel if you were dumped so unceremoniously by your own family members? Dogs have hearts.

Indians proudly claim to have 5000 years of “rich traditional heritage” but if this is what educated people do to dogs what can you expect from those who do not have any education at all?
Please think before you get a dog. Do not abandon him. Find another home for him but do not throw him into the rubbish. 

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