Monday, September 18, 2017

Everyone knows there are hundreds of stray cattle roaming on the road in India. Road traffics or blocks are often caused by these animals with road accidents. A serious problem has been arises due to these stray cattle roaming freely on the streets.

At night, this problems becomes worst as the drivers are unable to spot these animals due to darkness. Normally vehicles move at a high speed hence creating a risk of lives to the occupants and these animals, too.

Cows roaming on the road are not healthy. They don;t get grass or other hygienic food to consume. They survive on the food present in garbage and leftovers. This increases the risk of disease or sickness to the cow. Eating meat of such animals and drinking milk can be more dangerous to our health.

These cows comes from illegal or unregistered roadside diaries or cattle shed. Many comes by actually left by their owners due to old age, stop giving milk or owner cannot afford them anymore.

State government initiatives for this issue :

  • Uttar Pradesh is in the process of setting up 5 cow sanctuaries besides 426 Gaushalas which are already built up.  

  • Rajsthan state government is spending Rs. 50 per cattle per day to any one for the good living of stray cattle. 

  • Delhi government hired 150 cow catchers who will catch 10 cows per day. 

Solution :

  • Dairies should be built outside the city. 

  • Creating huge Gaushalas which can tale care of these street cows.