Monday, January 1, 2018

Winter has been started and it's time to keep your pets safe, happy and comfortable during this season. Special attention and care needs to be provided to keep them relaxed in this season.

Winter Pet Care Tips : 
  1. A reminder or an obvious tip not to keep your pets outside for long time. 
  2. If your dog enjoy living outside, then they should be kept in proper shelter. They must get protection from high wind and low temperatures. The shelter should be large to move them freely. Provide good quantity of food and water. Water should be fresh and unfrozen. 
  3. Buy jackets and sweaters for them. These things helps keep them warm.
  4. When a dog walk on snow, they may get sick because dogs regulate their temperature through soles of feet. Besides that, rock salt is used to melt ice which is dangerous if it gets in their mouth. After finishing the walk with bare feet, chances of licking the paws are increased. This way the dangrous chemicals can get into their mouth making them ill. In this case, you should use booties whenever you take your pets outside to roam. If your pet refuses to wear booties, and you need to take the pets outside then make sure to wash their feet once they come back. 
  5. Your pets may sit near heat sources to get some warmth. But as they don't know the risk and can't call for help if they get into trouble with the heat source. It's not a good idea to keep them alone at such places. Or make these places inaccessible during the winter season. 
  6. Bedding shpuld be at least 3 inches above the floor. Add an extra blanket to his bed which will help them feel warmth throughout the day. 
  7. Frequent baths dry out your pets skin. You can reduce the frequency of bath you give to your pets. Use shampoo which contain moisturizer which will at least keep the skin moisture. Talk to your vet about which shampoo is best for your pet.
  8. Puppies, kittens or older pets are more sensitive to cold. So it your duty to take extra care of such pets. 
  9. Offer a good massage to your pet. This will be a good treat for them. 
  10. As it's your responsibility to take care of your pets, don't forget to take care of stray animals also. You can offer them a blanket, some food at least. It is also our responsibility to show some kindness to these homeless animals. 
By following these simple tips you can make your pets a healthier and happier pet in all the seasons.