Monday, May 15, 2017

Gajraj, a 63 year old ailing elephant, has been held captive for 51 years. There is a special movement to to get Gajraj FREE and move him to a good shelter, where he can spend his last few years safely, happily.

The poor elephant has been chained for 51 years near Shri Bhavani Museum and Yamai Devi Temple in Aundh, Maharashtra. He is currently not in good condition. After years of abuse, neglect and exploitation he is slowly succumbing to his illness. It's really shameful to left him in pain to die alone by his mahuts just because he is too sick and old and not able to work more for them.

He has kept constantly chained because of this he has developed many injuries. He suffers from broken and overgrown toenails on all four feet. He tries to get rid of chain but unable to, leading severe injuries.
Someone even chopped off his tusks without any legal permission.

Gajraj is not a tourist spot. He is living there lonely and should get FREE from there immediately.

Maharashtra Forest Department should immediately take an action and release Gajraj to a safer elephant care shelter where he can get proper treatment.

Kindly help Gajraj by signing this petition so that  he will live rest of his life free from chains.

Sign the petition here 

Original Source - Peta India

Friday, May 12, 2017

I am really feeling happy by starting this blog. I love animals. I like to help them, feed them.
I have adopted 7 cats and 1 dog (stray).

I live in Mumbai. By profession, i am a freelancer in digital marketing industry.