Sunday, February 23, 2020

Soxcie is missing since 20th Feb 2020 evening at 7.30 from Tony compound Ganpati mandir, Milinda Villa church Pakadi road number 1, Sahar Andheri East, Mumbai 400099.

Bcoz she was tortured by a few kids when she went for a pee, with this she got scared and ran in another direction and lost her way. Please help me find her.

She is a bit handicapped hence walks abnormally like a horse.

FINDER will be REWARDED Rs.20000.

Plz, share my post to all the people who are associated with animals, feeders, and all the people in our locality. Also, tell them to share this to everyone.

Plz, make my post-viral everywhere which could help her to reunite to me.

Get My Pet is a community blog to help animals find there forever home. People do buy breed dogs and very few of them are able to take care of their pets til end of their life. Rest either abandoned on road or went into a shelter.
      To stop this, we are starting an initiative with the help of NGOs, volunteers rescuers. We request people not to buy breed pups and help street animals in any possible way.
     You can feed, donate, rescue, report abuse, adopt
      Kindly help us reach our goal. AdoptDont Shop.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Cute, playful 1.5months old male kitten for adoption. 

Litter trained and devorming done. 

Let me know anyone wants to full of joy 24 hrs. 

Shubh 9623227817

Location - Mumbai

Say hello to Tilly, Fluffy & Binny!! 🥰 They're gorgeous, 11 weeks old, female Indie puppies. Location is Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai, India. They're healthy, playful, intelligent and very loving.

Please contact Mrs. Palav on 9930891911 if you would like to make them a part of your family.

De-worming and vaccination process is going on, and they're ready to brighten your lives right away!
Adoption formalities, house checks, follow-ups, neutering at an appropriate age etc. shall be done.
What adrenaline kick u get while speeding up your vehicle and its such a heroic deed to race the car and show off.
But somewhere your speeding makes other lives suffer...its sad to share the statistics that out of the 15 CASES which are registered on an average with the ambulance everyday almost 5 are accident cases...
Where is humanity lost?
Why rash driving?
On 15th February one such critical case came up after ambulance hours..JACK had met with an accident on the 13th and was suffering from 2 days on the street with No1 even having the courtesy to look out for medical help!!

What a pity on the human race..15th evening around 7 pm Mr. VISHAL PAREKH saw the dog while moving out for some work ..he left his work got in touch with us 1st aid done at his own expense.

16th the dog was shifted to BHUMI JIVDAYA turbhe thanks SAGAR SAVLA for always accepting these animals in distress...18th the dog underwent surgery and his eye had to be removed.😢
What if the driver would have applied brakes or maybe if had dashed by mistake ..he could have made sure that medical aid was given but no..the dog suffered 2 whole days on the streets and lost his eye

Please support in JACK'S treatment as nothing comes free

The ambulance cost one way to turbhe has been rs 2500

Even though the operation and post-operative care are  being managed by Bhumi jivdaya, they too need support.
Contribute for JACK and many others who are meeting such fate due to negligence of human race.

Shree Sadbhavna seva sanstha trust
Bank name: vasai janta sahakari bank ltd
Branch: Tulinj
Bank account number : 004010100008661
Ifsc code: VASJ0000004

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Previous owners have left behind this 2-year-old healthy Male Golden Retriever whilst moving. 
The servants have handed him over and he is now available for adoption. 
Free adoption but house check and adoption formalities apply. 
Please call 9833406097 to enquire. 
Do share this with your friends, family, and peers to help him find a loving home.

Location - Mumbai

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The below pup/dog is missing went missing since 3 Feb 2020.

This pic is a little older, the pup has grown up a little now.

Missing From -  Subhash Nagar no 2 dharma Sonu kokni Chawl, MIDC Andheri East

Last Seen on 4th Feb 2020 - Near Saibaba mandir, Near Seepz gate no2

Please contact on 77389 19635 if anyone sees him.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Repost after a failed adoption 

I posted about one golden retriever mix pup, I got so many good responses THANK U SO MUCH for that
One family adopted him after the house check done by Sana but after the adoption house check was done again and we found that family is not taking care of him properly n he was kept in the balcony in this cold weather .he is only 3.5 months old. he was so sad n depressed so I brought him back .so I am reposting about him .he is still available for adoption ,any family who is willing to take him but treat him like their family member is only welcome to adopt him. Please leave a message on 9894222666 for adoption. I'll call back.
Golden retriever mix pup.
3.5 months old.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Update - Update for the black lab from danda ram mandir

Thanks to all the owner is found as nanu was on his way they were sleeping an the kid is lost from last night roaming around the place ahead of his house but no one nos him we took him in the same lane were his house is but may be he lost his track his hurt his paw got in to dog fights the owner is saying were serching him from last night as he was lost an they say he goes down the building but according to the people around here only one guy had seen the dog with the owner so directly took us der or we were serching the whole of ram mandir an people were fighting coz he was barking now he's located with his family hope he bes safe will check again late night as the owner gets him for walk at 12.30the boy said who recognised him will post an update again in the night as nanu had reched happy tails need to pay him 1000 ruppess  for his travelling fees if any one can help him paying nanus fees would be great but will try asking the owner of this kid also to pay me an my hubby found this kid an then 3kidz joined us in helping him get thru his home but we couldn't coz no one was helpful here thank god to the boy who knew his place or he would have gone to a shelter hope the owners also be responsible as it's their kid an serch him but asked many people did any one cum in serch fr him bt they all had a big no
Were serching his house from 10am an then we took a step to send him der for some time till the time he doesn't get adopted
But luckily found his place
Paytm googel pay

He needs travelling charges to go to hands that heal asap please come forward to help with funds of 2500/- for travel an if any one wants to send funds to hands that heal also would be great as there are no funds for him yet 🙏 he's roming on the streets lost or Abandoned please help him please 🙏asked at many places but no one's come forward yet

Contact 9967495410
Khar danda
Near ram mandir
Mumbai 400052
Paytm Google pay

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

This is my little girl Gracy . Sadly, due to personal reasons I am relocating to New Zealand. I wanted to take her with me but because of strict laws of that country my girl has to be first kept in Quarantine for 6 months in Singapore. I have heard the condition of dogs in Quarantine is not good and it will cost me around 500000 INR and there has been incidents where dog has died there .
I have been trying for her adoptions since 4 months now .No one came up .
People even suggested me ‘ TO PUT HER DOWN’
But how could I , I kept her like a princess and now I feel helpless
Look at those eyes , doesn’t she deserve a home and a family

Yes she is six years old but she has another 6-7 years to wag her tail and shower her love to a loving family PLEASE HELP GUYS ....
And I feel helpless now
Come forward and adopt her
Name : Gracy
Age : 6 years
Gender : Female ( she is neutered so NO PERIODS)
Nature : Mild and Docile,loving ,playful
Potty Trained
Requirements : Rice with puppy pedigree twice a day.
All vaccinations done till March 2020.
Contact details :9156855555
Wakad Pune.
Open for adoption in Pune ,Mumbai and nearby areas.
Please help me urgently

Beautiful one and half years old female cat who is   litter trained , de wormed and sterilized is up for adoption. Contact 9820820034

Monday, January 20, 2020

Are these heart-warming pictures of goofy Nayantara melting your heart already? If yes, please get in touch and make this goofball's dream of a forever home come true? Won't you please?
Location- Mumbai. Also please do share. Every share means a lot to us and her.

Contact 7506045825

Things that can be done when a pet is lost. 1. Make Suitable Poster/Flyer 2. Alert local vets, shelters and treatment centers incase they come across . 3. Check nearby cctvs and with society watchmen 4. Alert the neighborhood and feeders where dog was lost 5. Share flyers with trustworthy rickshawalas etc 6. Alert the police and society security guards 7. Post on social medium rescue, adoption, and lost dog groups 8. Contact pet Communicators 9. Search during early morning hours and late nights as scared dogs in hiding come out at those times 10. Contact the local cleaning team's Superviser and share flyer with municipality workers 11. Hang or Keep unwashed laundry or clothes of owner where pet is lost so that the wind can carry its smell to the pet and guide them back
12. Try EFT to find lost pets (google EFT fr lost pets)

For missing cats, put litter tray out to lure back with smell

Hi this is PLUTO, 4 Month old INDIE ALSATIAN MIX BREED, Male, very playfull expressive, energetic,smart n human attached puppy, Vaccinated is Up for Second adoption plz help us to get him his forever Home rite now he is on road with other puppies n it's very cold outside he already adapt a home habit won't survive on Roads plz guys come forward n take this innocent soul at ur home.

Interested person can contact on - 7710930883
Sana Siddiqui

These three puppies were dumped in a plastic bag in the middle of the night, left on their own fate. Over just a month old, 2 brothers and 1 sister were abandoned with nothing but each other's companionship.
They are super playful and quick learners, in no time they learnt to litter on newspapers. They are hoping to find a family that will open their home and hearts to them, PREFERABLY all 3 in one home.

To enquirer more call or WhatsApp Sharvi Mota on 09819242456.

 Please Broadcast it to as many people as possible so that these puppies can find their happy home as soon as possible.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Jyoti - 9762075843
Reshma - 918698766668
Abhishek - 9022827242
Akshaya - 9768147457
Gauri - 7709234969
Annukta - 9820214246
Anushree - 9769717720
Divya - 9930266378
Komal - 9819008121
Mansi - 9967528107
Sonali - 9930556318
Preeti - 9886298560

Please check with each personally for your cases. They are not in any particular order

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Milly, a 6 months old beautiful female lab is up for adoption. Vaccinated, healthy and very active.

Owner is looking for families residing in Panvel or Kalamboli. Its in New Mumbai.

So if you are not staying in this area, please do not contact.

Preferable Row house.

Inbox if you fulfill the conditions.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Meet toothless (just a name) he was abandoned by his family a few weeks back. 
Toothless is partially blind but he’s very friendly and loving. He needs a forever family who’ll give him all the love and care he deserves. 
Please come forward to help toothless. This poor guy needs your help desperately 
Contact - +91 91670 71349 / 7715915172
Location - malad