Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pet Friendly Diwali - Say NO To Crackers

Diwali is a festival of lights. "Deepavali" means 'rows of lights'. Everyone celebrates Diwali in their own way and according to their means. For some moneyed people it could be the perfect opportunity to show off, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause to others. Diwali is about celebrations and spreading joy but not, definitely, not causing trouble others.

Animals are not able to bear the loud noise of firecrackers. Millions of animals are scared witless land feel traumatized every year during Diwali. Unfortunately, it happens, and on a regular basis, a pointer to the mindless way people celebrate Diwali. That their joy causes distress to animals does not matter at all because, in their worldview, animals are just things hardly deserving of any consideration.

Fear, anxiety, confusion and panic are few emotions animals feel when crackers burst and explode. Animals run helter skelter, may shy away from food, scurry into safe corners and stay hidden while the firecracker bursting holocaust goes on.

Animals have sharper sense of hearing and what seems normal to human beings can be excessively loud. When you burst a firecracker you look at it and expect it, which is another thing from the experience of a firecracker going on unexpectedly, which is what happens in the case of animals. You are likely to jump out of your skin. Animals start shivering, shaking, display aggressive behavior and indulge in excessive barking. 

There is a need for people to understand animal's feeling. People think the animal do not speak and that they do not have feelings. Many people, just for fun, tie crackers on animals’ tail or collar which results in the animal death, injury or it being terrified. It is a parent’s duty to educate children about being sensitive and sensible when bursting firecrackers. Childern should be taught to burst crackers away from pet and stray animals. Communities should not encourage residents to burst crackers but if anyone wants to do it, they should do it within an assigned time frame and at assigned place so that no animal are adversely affected. 

Things pet owners can do to calm down your pet this diwali 
  • Keep your pet indoor where sound does not reach easily. 
  • Keep all the door and windows of your house closed. 
  • Play soothing music so that your pet stays calm.
  • Give an anti-anxiety shot by taking your pet to vet.

Since it's really not possible to save all stray animals, we could appeal to people to not celebrate diwali with bursting crackers instead celebrate diwali in peaceful way with candles, lights, rangoli, colors, flowers. Instead of torturing animals, why not give it a treat on Diwali night?

Want to Donate? You can donate in any form - Money, blankets, beds, food, bowls and whatever you think of use of animals. Thank you. 

Adopt a pet. #adoptdontshop.

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