Thursday, June 29, 2017

Animal shelters are overflowing with dogs, cats. These animals are waiting to get a new, loving home. But the basic questions is why these animals gets abandoned?

After a lot of research and from my own experience, i found the main reasons for abandoning animals are :

  • Moving to a new home
  • Pets are not allowed by new landlords
  • No space in new home for pets
  • Allergy if any new member joins the family
  • Personal problems
  • No time to take care of pets
  • Pet illness
  • Biting
  • Maintenance not affordable 
Many a times, owners left animals alone in the room itself while moving. They get noticed after the four closer process, when the realtor or bank enters the home. These animals may die due to lack of food and water, some though survive but with a poor condition.

Behavioral problem is the main reason for dogs to get abandoned. This may be biting or aggression. But these are common issues like barking. Most of the issues may get fixed, but owners do not know this, due to lack of knowledge.

Would you leave your own child in old apartment when moving to a new home? Definitely, NO.
Then why these poor animals get this type of treatment after being loyal to you. They trust on you. Where would they go? They really gets confused, what to do without you.

If you've any new member joining your family and having allergy, always remember, allergy can get treated. This is not fare to abandoned your own pet for such a small reason.

Through outreach and education, we can reduce the number of animals coming to animal shelters. Many shelters do have printed information on how to easily cope up with adopted animals behavioral problems. Some shelters do provide phone support to go through this problem. Being an animal caregiver, you should give your 100% commitment to your pet. Shelters helps educate people for this.

Before adopting any pet, you should really think on how you will handle the behavioral issues. You can take the help of shelter people. This will certainly help reduce animals to get abandoned.

Write to me, if you know anyone who have abandoned their pets. What are the ways to prevent it from your point of view.

Monday, June 26, 2017

In every country, except China, Dogs can be police officers, service dogs, emotional support for abused children, a child's best friend, a family's loyal pet and more.

China, Yulin conduct dog meat festival every year. This festival starts in summer on 21st June every year which lasts for 10 days where more than 10,000 dogs including pups get consumed.  Large number of dogs are stolen from their loving families, rest are stray dogs and the dogs raised in dog farm.

These dogs are forced to travel without food and water, in a tight cage, for days one over the other where they can't even move a bit. At Yulin, these dogs are hanged, burned, skinned, boiled, torched and beaten that too ALIVE. This all goes on the streets in front of public. Moreover, they tortured these poor animals in front of other animals so that they get stressed and feared.

The belief behind this torture is while they are still ALIVE, more the animals have run fear through their blood, more tasty their meat will be.  It also gives the men more sexual stamina, keep them cook during the hot summer.

The tradition of eating dog meat is around 400 years old. Dog meat traders started this event to boost up the business.

Animal welfare activist have been trying for years to get this horrible tradition banned. Unfortunately, government of China is giving some reasons to avoid this ban. We need to send the petition to the old generation people, who still believe in this tradition of eating dog meat.

We are the 20th century generation and we believe that this act is cruel and inhuman. The poor animals do not deserve this type of treatment and millions of people across all the countries are against of it.

We should boycott Chinese products until they ban this act.

Sign this petition to convince China's government, how cruel this act is. And they should better ban this festival.

Sign the Petition here :

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If you see any animal/bird is injured/abandoned or any animal related help, kindly contact on given numbers below.

All the organizations run on contribution by people like you, we request you to have patience till the help arrives.

Stay with the animal till you receive the help. Offer food, water and first aid treatment to the animal.

NGO and the helpline numbers:

IDA India–
Helpline Mumbai area: +91-9320056581, 022-32681418
Helpline vashi area:+91-9320056585, 022-32681419
Helpline for horses/cattle: +91-9920587845
Neral centre for horses: +91-9860344750

Mumbai SPCA– 022-24137518, 022-2413 5285

Welfare of Stray Dogs 
Mahalaxmi centre area: 022 2306 0275/ 022 64222838(office)

Malad-goregaon area: 022 2880 8206

Ashray for Animals
South of Dadar area: +91-9833839011 (driver). +919820758266 (Sunetra)

Manav Mandir
Bombay Central area: +91-9224699635
Andheri area: 022 65651313, +91-9819100100
Ghatkopar to Kurla area: 022 25022358, 022 25112929
Virar area: 95250-2502222 / 95250 3203333

Helpline: +91 9819100100
Bombay Central area: 022 23018863
Thane to Kanjur area: 022 32522588
Bhiwandi area: +91 9850530001
Virar-Vasai-Nalasopara area: 95250 2502222, 95250 3203333, +91 9970170780, Kantibhai +91 9960747547

Thane to Ghatkopar area: 022 25689999

Mangal Vardhini
Ghatkopar-Chembur area: 022 65252573

Dombivli / Thane / Kalyan area: +91 9820161114 (Nilesh

Save our strays
Western Suburb area: 022 26351503 , +91 9820141310

ASHA- Western Suburb– +91 9820127085

Goregaon area: 022 28761313

Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) by Tata Memorial Centre, Kharghar In case a person wants to bring any cancer-affected animal to the Kharghar centre, they need to fix an appointment by sending an email to or calling animal cancer helpline at 022-27405000, extension 5451

All India Animal Welfare Association (AIAWA)
Address: Dr E Moses Road, Mahalakshmi
Contact: 022-23094077
Timings: 24 hours, Mon-Sat
Services: Animal Birth control, immunization, anti-rabies treatment, general surgery, general medical treatment for small animals

Animal Lovers Association Society (ALAS)
Address: Jaykar Smurti, Shop No 55, Aarey Road, Opp Rajasthan hall, Goregaon (West)
Contact: 022-28761313, 28763856
Timings: 9 am-7 pm, Mon-Sat
Services: Mobile clinic for treatment of strays only, prevention of cruelty to animals;
Areas Covered: Goregaon to Mira Road

Animal Matters to Me Mumbai (AMTM Mumbai)
Address: B601, Shyam Nagar, Off JVLR, Behind Majas depot, Jogeshwari (East)- Mumbai 400060. Landmark – Ganpati Mandir Lane.
Contact: Dr. Ankita Pathak, Mobile +91-9820335799. Ganesh Nayak, Mobile +91-9819380310.,

Services and Initiatives: Sterilization – TNR Program·  Merchandise sale for fund-raisers· Aimal rescues/ fostering/ adoptions·  Charity merchandise for fund-raisers· Stray dog vaccination drives (monthly)·  Stray cat vaccination drives (monthly)·  Feeding programme for stray animals (ongoing since inception)·  Rice, lentils, dry food donations to individual stray animal feeders· Awareness camps in schools/collages/corporate spaces/public places·  Fighting against animal cruelty·  Municipality pet license

Association For Service & Healing Of Animals
Contact: Brinda 91-9820127085      Timings: 10 am-5.30 pm Mon-Sat
Services: Animal birth control, funding, hospitalization, medical services for stray animals, awareness programmes in schools and colleges with regard to animals (especially reptiles and snakes) and the environment, holding camps for working cattle, horses and donkeys (they hold medical camps for the animals who work and whose owners are poor to afford their treatment)

Address: Telecast, RRT Road, Mulund (West)
Contact: 022-26673838
Timings: 9 am-6 pm, Mon-Sat
Services: 4 ambulances and provide medical aid including surgery to stray birds and animals
Areas Covered: Bandra to Dahisar, Ghatkopar to Thane, Airoli to Vashi

Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital (SPCA)
Address: Dr. SS Rao Road, Opp MD college, Behind Mahatama Gandhi Hospital, Lalbaug
Contact: 022-24133598,24137518
Timings: 9 am-12 pm, Mon-Sat
Services: Medical treatment for all animals, surgeries, immunization, birth control

In Defense of Animals (IDA)
Deonar Centre Address: Near Deonar Municipal Colony, Near Cemetry, Off Mankhurd Lane Road, Govandi, Deonar
Contact: 022-32681418; Mobile: 9320056581, 9320056583
Timings: 9 am-5 pm, Mon-Sat
Services: Animal Birth control, immunization, anti rabies treatment, general surgery, medical treatment for small animals, prevention of cruelty to animals
Areas Covered: 2 mobile clinics that operate on both the central and western Mumbai
Vashi Centre Address: Shwan Niyantran Kenra, opp Kopri Gaon, Koperkhairne, After Petrol Pump,Sector 28, Navi Mumbai
Contact: 022-32681419 Mobile 9320056584-85
Timings: 9 am-5 pm
Services: Animal Birth control, immunization, anti rabies treatment, general surgery, medical treatment for small animals, prevention of cruelty to animals
Areas Covered: Mobile clinic from Digha to CBD Belapur

Address: Mukti Nivas, Shop No 3 (Tasyani Print-O-Graph), VP Road, Opp Bombay Mercantile Co-op Bank, Andheri (West)
Contact: 022-65651313
Timings: 10 am–7 pm, Mon-Sat
Services: 4 mobile clinics which are used to treat general medical problems of stray dogs

Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS)
Address: A-14 Savitri Sadan, Dr. Mukherji Road, Dombivli (East)
Contact: Mr. Nilesh Bhanage 91- 9820161114; Timings: 24X7
Services: Rescue operations, rehabilitation, adoptions, anti rabies treatments, animal birth control, wildlife rescue, pigeon center, ambulance services for medical treatment, educational seminars in schools
Areas Covered: Navi Mumbai and Thane Areas

Thane SPCA, Address: N.K.T Compound, Besides Bhramand Complex, Kolshet Road, Azadnagar, Thane, Maharashtra 400607, Phone:093222 71966

Source -
India has the largest number of street dogs, which are roaming freely on the road. Most of these dogs belongs to ancient canine family known as Pariah Dog, which is there all over Asia and Africa.

These dogs live on garbage created by humans. The dogs are often kept as pets by rural and urban slum people.

To control the population, sterilization is the best method, i guess. NGOs should invest a little more time in spaying and neutering, which reduce the overall population of stray dogs in country.

Adopt, Don't Buy :

Nowadays, we all can see one statement that Don't Buy. Adopt. And that is very much correct. Stray dogs/pups needs your love. They are much loyal than any other dog breed. Then why are you wasting your money for a foreign dog breed. Go and adopt a street dog. He will be much more happy to have a lifelong home, loving parents.

Some steps we can take to reduce the suffering on street :

  1. All dogs in a particular area should be sterilized. This way we can reduce the number of newborn pups.
  2. There should be some responsible person in every area, who will ensure any new dog who comes in is sterilized.
  3. Individual people should take active part in sterilization process instead of being dependent on any organization or NGO.   

If all humans put an effort to help in any of the way mentioned above, our country will be the much better place for strays. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hats off to Peta India Movement ! They finally did it.

After being chained for 51 long years, Gajraj - a 63- year old bull elephant - has been successfully rescued from his chains. Gajraj was kept as a tourist attraction at Bhavani Museum and Yamai Devi temple at Satara.

Gajraj was kept isolated receiving abusive treatment in these 50 years.  After the inspection by Wildlife SOS veterinarians, Gajraj is suffered from toenail abscesses in his legs and it may spread to the bone. Both of his foot pads shows severe degeneration, which could make him severely lame.

But now, he will receive good treatment and will start getting company with his fellow elephants.

More than 200,000 supporters from PETA India helped Gajraj to have his life back. But the rescue was not as easy as it is seen. Hundreds of villagers and his mahuts showed an objection even threatened mass suicide. But on examining Gajraj's situation, under Maharashtra-government's notice, a veterinarians team confirmed varies injuries and an untreated abscesses on his hinds and elbows.

Sources said that, Gajraj was taken to the place when he was 12 years old from MP 800 kilometers away which took almost a month and a half.

Now Gajraj will be in safest place where he can roam anywhere without chains, bath in river and be in the company of another fellow elephants.

Thanks to Peta India.