Friday, May 1, 2020

She is around 1.5 month
Her name is piyu
We found her injured in our area we took care of her now shez perfectly healthy , she is so playful
Kindly requesting to adopt this baby she needs home

Yashika Bhatia
Contact - 7385173727

Friday, March 6, 2020

Hello all,
Here comes a very cute, healthy and most active male puppy.

He is in foster as of now. The story behind this little pup is somewhat sad.

The forester decided to adopt this little baby and asked us not to put him for adoption. A few days later, she told us that she doesn't want to keep him due to some family issues.

This is not the end. A few days later, the lady changed her mind again and said she wants to keep him. And now again she is refusing.

So it's very risky to keep the pup with her now. She is constantly changing her mind and before anything could happen I want to give him to a good and a forever home.

The pup is just 45 days old, male and will be vaccinated this week.
He is perfectly healthy and active. Very beautiful, loaded with cuteness.

All his siblings got adopted and got beautiful homes. Didn't he deserve the same? And keeping him with the mind-changing owner will not fare.

So anyone from you can come ahead and give him some space at home and heart?

Location - Ghatkoper.
Open anywhere in Mumbai.
Housechane and other formalities are mandatory.

Please DM me for more pictures and videos. 

Thursday, March 5, 2020

I received a message that a person is interested in adopting a black, Indie puppy.

I called the guy and showed him a few pics of the black puppy. He selected one puppy but unfortunately, we didn't get that one.

Then I showed him a few other pics and he selected one white puppy. This time our luck was very good and we received a positive response from the foster mom.

Quickly the guy visited the place and spent more than an hour with the pup. Both gets along very good.
And he decided to adopt the little baby as soon as possible.

Today, he submitted all his papers, done other formalities and took the puppy home.

I am very happy that one small and innocent life got a good, forever home. All his siblings are already got adopted and he was the last in the batch.

I pray to God for his long and healthy life. May the pup get all the things he deserves in his life.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A beautiful black female cat is waiting for her forever home. She is dewormed. Vaccinations are going on.

A silent but very active cat. Loves to snuggle up with her humans.

According to the rescuer, she was dumped late at night by a man who escaped before the rescuer catches him. Right now she is with the rescuer. But as the rescuer can't keep her for a too long period, definitely looking out for a permanent and loving home for her.

Please come forward and adopt this adorable cutie. Spread the word to get her a good home.

Name - Raka
Age - 3.5 months
Location - Mumbai
Contact - 7506045825

Adoption formalities mandatory.