Sunday, June 23, 2019

Apparently a family in town had bought 4 Rabbits, just to show off  and a time pass for kids. Out of 4 , one was rescued when it got rectum prolapse, a kind girl raised money for its operation when the family refused treatment. But after operation also the rabbit died because family paid no attention to post- op norms.

This case got our attention when this girl gave us a panic call that the family is moving and they are about to sell the rabbits. We immediately got them at our center.

Now this rabbit, Lolly has teeth issues, because rabbit need constant chewing and grinding to maintain dental health. As these rabbits were starving to death, there is no question that the family would hv  bothered abt dental health. All the rabbits are in bad state as they were kept outside the house with one time food a day.

We will put them for adoption after all the treatment is done.

We are raising funds for Lolly’s treatment, please come forward and help us , even a small contribution will help this child .

Bhumi Jeevdaya Samvardhan Trust
Bank:Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd
Branch: Seawoodsw
A/C No: 089011100005067

You can also  paytm

Paytm- 9022390970

Tax benefit under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Thursday, June 13, 2019

12 months AUM is looking for a forever family.. Unfortunately, the family that got him cannot keep up their promise of giving him a forever home.

AUM is a carefree fella who loves to loll around and play .He's a cuddle-bomb who is well trained and has completed his annual vaccinations.

Current location: DADAR

If u wish to be that forever family for AUM, please connect with me on 09892664089 to discuss further.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Urgent DONATION required ! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Helo friends ! Mayuri here..

Chinna, 5 yr. old stray male cat met with accident and lost his left arm. Big chunk of flesh is hanging from his hand currently which is bleeding and adding to his agony.

🐱 Tomorrow morning ie. 11.06.2019, at 8.30 am he is undergoing Leg Amputation surgery by Dr. Karandikar at Mulund Clinic. We need to raise immediately Rs. 10,000/- as surgery cost, advanced lab test of leg to rule out leprosy (as Dr. said) and postoperative care medications.

I have found Foster Home for him until recovery, but operation funds are required ASAP.
I request u to plz come ahead and donate some. πŸ™πŸ» Do call me on 7506037942 for donation.

Thank you.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I Rajesh Belani an animal lover from Mira Bhayander. We have been into social work for many years.

It's been proud moment to share the news. Now we have our first hospital for animal's and birds which is ready to be inaugurated in Mira Bhayander.

This is a big success achieved after long wait and finally fulfilled under leadership of MLA Shri Narendra Mehta & MBMC. This hospital has been handed over to a NGO We Care Foundation handled by Naaresh Jain (President) in Mira Road.

I would like to invite you all along with all animal lovers and be a part of this memorable event.

Chief Guest: MLA Narendra L Mehta Mayor Dimple V Mehta
Location: Ayappa Temple, Opposite Shanti Nagar Sec10, Mira Road East
Timing: 10:00 A.M. Onwards

We Care Foundation
My personal no 9768864777
A year ago we had operated this child, n had to put in a rod. As this kid is hyperactive, the rod slid through and we had to operate to remove it..

Wound will heal but the spirit he showed us at operation table was so energetic and happy in any situation.

We live for moments like this where these furry babies appreciate our efforts and knew we are there to help

Send prayers for him.

Thanks a lot Bhumi Jivdaya Team. Great efforts.

By Bhumi Jivdaya

Thursday, June 6, 2019

As all aware PAWS Center only runs on donations, So we need help in Repairs of Wall & Floor.

Estimated expenses are of 35,000₹ including Labour & Cement/Reti Material.

Please Help in raising required funds!

Raised So Far...10.5k
1. Neela B. - ₹2,000
2. Vikrant M. - ₹3,000
3. Shubha S. - ₹1,000
4. Alekha S. - ₹1,000
5. Anushree Mathew - ₹1000
6. Rahul - ₹2,000
7. Chirag M - ₹500

Friends I feed around 50 cats and 50 dogs daily each night at Chakala Andheri East.

I also attend to basis medical needs when required. If you can help for cat food - meow chicken and veg 7 kg. Or let's bite 5 kg would be of help.

As the numbers increase it's difficult. If you would like to help call me on 9869147843. Royce
2 months old lab (female) Sherri is up for adoption.

She’s very energetic and playful. Looking for a family who has prior experience of raising a pup before will be preferred.

Sterilization clause is mandatory.

Adoption only for PUNE interested people can get in touch with me on 9156855555.
I am friendly girl who once had eyes.  I might have lost my sight but, not my spirit. 

I am a little scared because I was hurt badly.  So bad that my eyes popped out of my head.

I know when you are close by, you will see me wag my tail to say hello. 

I understand commands and will even let you know when I want to poop : )

I have a few more days before I am discharged.   I am dewormed and vaccinated. 

I need a family in Mumbai, in India or anywhere on this earth.

Will you have me?  Call Kirti and tell her that you will 7506258106

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Get My Pet brings you the impressively written E-book for first aid for dogs.

Emergency don't come by telling you. It can come anytime, all of a sudden. You should be prepared for everything.

When such situation comes, this first aid e-book will help you keep your pet/your streety at comfort and safety while awaiting treatment. The main aim of this book to keep your animal stable till help reaches.

Many a times, i see people gets confused when their beloved got injured, sick or stop breathing. So to handle this situation safely, first-aid knowledge is very important. Animals frequently go in a situation where emergency care is required. But due to lack of first aid knowledge, people usually got confused and didn't aware of what to do and how.

Click  here to read or download the E-Book
Emergency First Aid for Dogs

The book is written by the combined efforts of
Mr Jagdish Prakash
Mrs Rakhi Sethi
Miss Ruchika Gupta

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Name: Scooty
Age: 3.5 years
Breed: Ihasa Apso
Health status: Healthy, Active, vaccinations up to date.
Reason: Owner passed away last week and wife is not in a condition to take care.
Contact: Jyoti Madaan 9891241974

Needs a loving family. A family who will not leave him for any reason.