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Sunday, September 9, 2018

A mix breed labrador for adoption.
This 3 months old lab is very playful and cute.
He has completed his basic training.
2 Vaccinations done.

Please contact if anyone is interested in adoption.
Email -

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Updated list 09.07.18

  • PAWS Dombivali : 9820161114
    Thakurli, Kalyan, Titwala, Vittalwadi, Sahad, Ambivli
    Monday to Saturday - 12 PM- 3:30 PM
    Pick up in ambulance and take to hospital in Murbad and on road treatment. Open whole day from 9 AM to 7 PM.
    Release of dogs between 6 PM - 9 PM.
    Donation Amount - 300 RS to 500 Rs.

  • JeevDAYA Foundation / Steel Association : 9324760564 / 9892461664/ 9321503820
    On road treatment only
    All week 8 AM - 5 PM, Sunday half day

  • BHL Bird Helpline: 8655370005
    Serves as a HELPLINE for Mumbai animal and bird rescues.
    Pick of birds from all over Mumbai. Dire emergencies will pick animals too.
    Whatsapp your name and number, location with a brief description of animal's condition. They will pass it on to the relevant NGO in your area.

  • SOS Save Our Strays : 9820141310
    Bandra to Dahisar East and West.
    Essentially Sterilization.
    4 days a week dog sterilization. 2 days a week cat sterilization

  • ASHA : 9820127085
    Andheri, Jogeshwari, Goregaon, PArla, Santacruz (East and West)
    On roat treatment and admitting to BSPCA and AHIMSA
    (Entry fee of 500 to be paid by caller)
    6 days a week from 10 AM - 6 PM
    Sunday Closed.

  • IDA Panvel : 9320056589
    Panvel, Khanda, Kalamboli, Kharghar, Taloja, Ulave, Karanjade, Kalundri
    9 AM - 5 PM
    No night van and no night admission.
    Panvel only pick-up.
    Dog sterlization center.

2 male and 1 female 5 months old pups are put for adoption. Healthy, loving pups deserves a safe home. The area where they are living is going for redevelopment. So they will eventually suffer a lot.
Location - Kandivali.

Email to inquire -

PUPPIES ALERT : 2 months old Indie puppies for adoption. 
We are trying very hard to find a safer home for these cute, little puppies. 
The puppies are rescued because their life was threatened and they have faith that a lovable human  in out there for them. 
Please Email - to inquire or adopt. 

A very loving and beautiful kitten kept for adoption.
The kitten is, unfortunately, suffered with neuralgia (right fore leg is problematic as you can see in the picture). She was also beaten up by a tom cat and got blind.
Right now she is under treatment and getting all the required medication. She is safe for now.
She is spending her entire day in the cage, so she can't run out and play or roam anywhere she wants to.

Please contact urgently, if anyone interested in adopting her. Email -

Monday, August 27, 2018

Animals cannot speak for themselves. Animals may groan or suffer in silence. Humans cannot or will not choose to understand what they wish to say. Their eyes speak volumes. However, we avoid looking into their eyes. “Why bother?”

Why bother indeed.

I believe every human being is in a unique position to help less fortunate mute animals who are suffering right before our eyes. Some may suffer from some ailment and will eventually die unless treated. Some may suffer perpetual pangs of hunger. All they need is some food. We humans have it in our power to do something.

It will not get you money. It will not get you praises. It will, however, give you a sense of satisfaction inside. The animal’s soul may thank you even if no one else will.

We pass by dogs, stray cats and even cows. Some are ill or hurt in accidents. Surely you can just make a phone call to a charitable trust that takes care of stray animals in your city? It does not cost much. However, if you just spare a minute to phone animal treatment charitable clinics they will send an ambulance and treat the animal. You do not even have to remain present but it will be nice of you if you do.

Animals in your locality or somewhere else suffer hunger pangs. If every one of us just spares one chapati or 100 grams of milk or food, imagine, no animal in our locality would go hungry. It costs less. You probably throw away a lot of food. Surely you can give a thought to animals and their hunger? Remember ever having gone hungry?

Some owners treat their animals with cruelty or neglect them because they do not wish to spend. There is a society for prevention of cruently to animals (SPCA) in your area. It does not take much effort to place a phone call. You could stop cruelty and illtreatment of animals.

Ever thought of adopting a dog or a cat? Unfortunately in India the concept of shelters for animals is in a primordial stage. Still, if you find it in you then you can adopt an animal at a local shelter. Just spare a few moment of your time to give some affection to the dog or cat. Unlike humans, they will always feel gratitude for you. Children desert parents when they grow up but animals..they will always stay true to you. You get a million-fold love in return.

Violence against animals in city streets and in rural is common. Dogs and cats come in for some violent treatment. Inhuman people beat a dog, fracture bones and the animal eventually dies. Surely we can raise a voice against cruelty to animals and unnecessary violence?

Signs of animal abuse:

  • Lack of food and water
  • Untreated injuries or illness
  • Animals left outside with no shelter in extreme cold or heat
  • Extreme barking
  • Open wounds on animal’s body
  • Missing hair patches
  • Animal abandonment
  • Constantly chained dogs
What’s next? You saw an animal abuse or being neglected. What action you will take now?

Make a call – Make an emergency call to your local animal protection organization right there using your mobile. If you do not know any organization, call Police and let them know the complete situation. You may request them not to disclose your identity but be sure to provide them your contact details in case they need to inquire you.

Take pictures and videos – If possible take pictures and videos of the situation. Location, date and time, information about the people and animals involved will help much more than just a complaint.

Teach children to love animals – Do not beat or neglect animals in front of your children. Tell your children that animals too have emotions and can feel pain and hurt.  Teach your children to offer love, care to animals.

Volunteer – Once the abused animal got rescued, he/she will get proper treatment and after that gets transferred to a shelter home where he/she will need love and care. You can join the volunteer program and spend some time of the week for taking care of such rescued animals. This small task will surely get them recover faster.

So if you see or suspect any cruelty, don’t just stand there. Report it immediately.
Always remember, your one call may be a life changing and lifesaving call. The victim may get rescued from life threatening or miserable situation.

Is there a human being inside you?

Animal abuse is a crime and more the individual get punish, the less likely others dare to do the same. Animals are voiceless, so it’s our responsibility to become their voice and save them from mistreatment.

Readers, have you ever witnessed any cruelty? Have you taken any action? Please share your experience. It will really be very inspirational to other readers.

I request everyone who reads this to share phone numbers of SPCA and mobile animal treatment vans in their city.

If you wish you can make a donation to give a better life to rescued animals. 

Link ref : PETA India

Monday, June 25, 2018

Being a dog owner, you should take extra care of your pet during monsoon. For human, monsoon is very romantic, relaxes us after a hotty summer season. But for pet, monsoon may bring different health issues which needs to be addressed immediately once you notice.

The high moisture air, lack of expoure toward sunlight, wetness pets may suffer from respirtory issues with allergies. So you should keep your pet dry all the time and keep their place warm istead of putting them under AC.

I know, as a pet owner, you are very much concerned about your pet's health and looking for various ways to protect them from any health issues. That's fantastic.

Read further to know what you can do to give a healthy, better living for your pet during monsoon :
  • Fungal Infection - It is very common to get a fungal infection in rainy season. Many pet owners complain about it. You can see the infecion in pows, abdomen,ears and other parts of the body. It may be in the form of redness, pimples or itching. Make sure to keep your pet dry and clean all the day. Apply some fungal infection powder which is  available easily in the shops. 
  • WILDWASH Healing Paw Balm 60 ml
  • Deworming - Pets are more open to worms during this season. Once infected, it may affect fur coat and lead to anemia, general debility anorexia. Also remember to vaccinate your pet up to date.
  • Pet Shoes - When you go out with your pet in monsoon, the paws get wet. So it is mandatory for the owner to clean the paws, including the space between the toes, everytime pet comes from outside. You should consider buying pet shoes to prevent any infection caues roaming outside with bare foot. Also, always clean the paws with warm water and a soft towel or pet wipes.

    Summer Rain Waterproof Pet Shoes
  • Raincoat - You will need to wipe all the time your pet comes from a wet walk. He/She can not stay at home for the whole day and that is natural. Pets needs to roam outside inspite of the weather. We, the owners, need to take proper care to not let suffer them in any season. Dirt and moisture of fur is an open invitation to any infection. During monsoon, dogs are more pron to Yeast infection which forces dogs to scratch themselves frequently. If not treat properly can lead to bacterial infection with skin cracks. 
Dog raincoat is a good solution when your pet needs to go outside. Still not to forget to wipe out your pet after every outside visit.
Full Coverage Dog Raincoat

  • Diet Plan - Rainy season brings limitation to walk and outdoor play for your pets. So pets becomes obessive sitting at home and eating heavy diet. You should b vary careful offering food to your pet in this season. A  fibre rich meal will be a good option in this season which help for an easy bowl movement and a good digestion. You can shop a good quality dog food online. It is available for different breeds, for different weight. Choose as per your requirement. If you are providing a home made meal, make it fibre rich, full of vitamins and minerals. Dogs suffer from nutritional diseases if not getting healthy meal. So it is good to offer readymade food at least in monsoon. Do not overfeed your pet.
  • Pedigree Adult Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables
  • Water - Always give filtered & boiled water in this season.
Follow these simple and important tips to keep your pet safe and let them enjoy the monsoon with a good health.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Placing a water bowl for birds in balcony is very easy. Animals, especially birds don't migrate if they don't find drinking water. This results in dehydration and death of a bird.

Nowadays, temperature has been increasing day by day. Humans can get anything to cool down the body temperature. But this does not happen with birds. They need to travel distance just for drinking water. Our small help can save their life.

I personally put water bowl every day with some grains and rice for birds. Crows, sparrows, squirrels comes and finish up all till evening.  I feel very glad to see these birds around my home all the day.

I request you to put at least a water bowl with fresh and cool water at your balcony, open space, window so that birds can get it easily and they can save their life during this hot summer.

If you find any animal/bird in trouble, help them. Contact me for any assistance.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Winter has been started and it's time to keep your pets safe, happy and comfortable during this season. Special attention and care needs to be provided to keep them relaxed in this season.

Winter Pet Care Tips : 
  1. A reminder or an obvious tip not to keep your pets outside for long time. 
  2. If your dog enjoy living outside, then they should be kept in proper shelter. They must get protection from high wind and low temperatures. The shelter should be large to move them freely. Provide good quantity of food and water. Water should be fresh and unfrozen. 
  3. Buy jackets and sweaters for them. These things helps keep them warm.
  4. When a dog walk on snow, they may get sick because dogs regulate their temperature through soles of feet. Besides that, rock salt is used to melt ice which is dangerous if it gets in their mouth. After finishing the walk with bare feet, chances of licking the paws are increased. This way the dangrous chemicals can get into their mouth making them ill. In this case, you should use booties whenever you take your pets outside to roam. If your pet refuses to wear booties, and you need to take the pets outside then make sure to wash their feet once they come back. 
  5. Your pets may sit near heat sources to get some warmth. But as they don't know the risk and can't call for help if they get into trouble with the heat source. It's not a good idea to keep them alone at such places. Or make these places inaccessible during the winter season. 
  6. Bedding shpuld be at least 3 inches above the floor. Add an extra blanket to his bed which will help them feel warmth throughout the day. 
  7. Frequent baths dry out your pets skin. You can reduce the frequency of bath you give to your pets. Use shampoo which contain moisturizer which will at least keep the skin moisture. Talk to your vet about which shampoo is best for your pet.
  8. Puppies, kittens or older pets are more sensitive to cold. So it your duty to take extra care of such pets. 
  9. Offer a good massage to your pet. This will be a good treat for them. 
  10. As it's your responsibility to take care of your pets, don't forget to take care of stray animals also. You can offer them a blanket, some food at least. It is also our responsibility to show some kindness to these homeless animals. 
By following these simple tips you can make your pets a healthier and happier pet in all the seasons. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Usually cats clean themselves many times a day. But she'll need a little help from you, sometimes. Grooming a cat to not just look them fashionable but it's a good way to know about your cat's health, any illness etc.

How to groom a cat :

  • Brushing : Cats can have short or long hair. Cats clean their hair themselves but if you do it properly then it will help remove dirt, dead hair, fleas preventing the mats. Brush once or twice a week will be enough for a healthy, glowing coat. There are cat-specific combs available in the market, make use of that. Always brush your cat gently. You can do so when she is sleeping or sitting in your lap. 
  • Trimming : Not all cats needs hair trimming, but if your cat has long coat/fur, you should think of trimming her hair with cat-specific trimmer. Do not trim harshly, but gently. If it seems difficult to trim, you can hire a professional groomer for this task. 
  • Bathing : Usually, cats bath themselves with their tongue and teeth. But sometimes, the cat coat becomes sticky or dirty which requires a good bath. Use a shampoo which is mild and does not become harsh on cat's skin. Use warm water instead of very hot or cold. Make sure, there is no shampoo left in cat's hair else it will become itchy. 
  • Nail : Your cat will not accept a direct nail clipping session. You will need to do a foot massage daily and slowly start nail clipping process. A sharp, high quality nail clipper is available in the market. Make sure to use that. Do it gently and slowly. Do not get in hurry and injure your cat. 

As you agree, cat grooming is not always easy. Some people may need a professional help in many of the above tasks. It may take time, but at the end you will surely learn how to groom your cat at home without any expenses. You can opt for grooming tips from professionals. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cleaning and Hygienic care both things comes under Dog Grooming. Keeping your dog clean is an important part in increasing their lifespan. Irrespective of the breeds, all dogs requires grooming regularly.

When you groom your dog regularly, it helps strengthen the relationship between you two.

Reasons for grooming :
  • routine cleanliness
  • decrease the chances of any unusual illness
  • develops a strong bond between you and your pet
  • dog look pretty
If you've not yet started the grooming process, you can start now. But keep in mind, don't rush. Be patient. You need to start the proceed slowly and go on adding more, once you see your dog is accepting what your are offering. Always remember, to make the whole process fun without getting frustrated. Take your dog to a professional groomer, if needed.

Excited to begin? Here are few simple tips on how to complete the whole process. 
  • Brushing : Brush your dog twice a week, irrespective of the coat length. Brushing helps remove hair mats or help your dog shed seasonal coat. Brushing it may be just for general purpose. Remember, to use right brush. Some brushes are only for general purposes while other have specific use.
  • Bathing : Decide the frequency of the bath to your dog. Bathing frequently will dry out his skin and take away essential oil from the skin. So once or twice a month is enough for a good bath. Use warm water instead of hot water to bath your dog. There are different types of shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Always use shampoo by mixing it with warm water. Do not apply shampoo directly on the skin. It may be very harsh on the skin.
  • Nail Trimming : Dog's nails usually grow curved so it becomes very painful when they walk. Always keep an eye on your dog's nails. Whenever you find the growth, cut them or trim them. Else it will be more difficult to cut them properly. Owners can trim or cut the nail by their own or take their pets to a professional groomer.
  • Teeth care : Dogs can also suffer with severe dental problems. They may suffer with cavities, gum diseases etc. Taking proper care of their teeth is very  essential for good oral hygiene. Cleaning teethes 2 - 3 times a week can be an ideal time to keep away your dog from any health issues. Do not directly use brush on your dog's teeth. Start with a finger massage on gums and slowly turn to a right kind of brush. Use a toothpaste which is made only for dog. Clean only the outside surface of dog's teeth.
  • Ear Cleaning : Dog's ears can get infected with fleas or wood ticks. So cleaning the dog's ear once a week is recommended. Use a cotton ball with a cleaning solution to clear the inside surface of your dog's ear. Never put anything down in the ear, else it will cause an ear injury. Take proper care if you see any dirty smell or any unusual discharge coming out of the ear. 
There are professional groomer available in the market. You can take your pets to them for proper grooming. But if you want to save few bucks, you can always try these methods at home.  Start with less and increase slowly. You can ask for dog grooming tips before you start the process. 

Proper grooming is always results in a healthier and happier pet.