Sunday, February 23, 2020

Soxcie is missing since 20th Feb 2020 evening at 7.30 from Tony compound Ganpati mandir, Milinda Villa church Pakadi road number 1, Sahar Andheri East, Mumbai 400099.

Bcoz she was tortured by a few kids when she went for a pee, with this she got scared and ran in another direction and lost her way. Please help me find her.

She is a bit handicapped hence walks abnormally like a horse.

FINDER will be REWARDED Rs.20000.

Plz, share my post to all the people who are associated with animals, feeders, and all the people in our locality. Also, tell them to share this to everyone.

Plz, make my post-viral everywhere which could help her to reunite to me.

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      To stop this, we are starting an initiative with the help of NGOs, volunteers rescuers. We request people not to buy breed pups and help street animals in any possible way.
     You can feed, donate, rescue, report abuse, adopt
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