Thursday, October 17, 2019

My Pug has been missing from 5th April 2019. He is my child, and I don't know where he is now, eaten or not, whats happening with him or anything. Please help me to find my pug. I beg you.

 he has gone in Auto Rickshaw towards Borivali west side and missing from OPP Hindu smashan bhoomi signal towards Borivali East to West side shudhir fadke bridge

If found or seen please contact : 7977755144
7400201659, 9892400045
This is yet another reminder.

Dumaroo (Dumroo also addressed as Raja) was handed over to a family friend living in Palghar when she had to urgently leave the town for some personal matter.  Dumaroo got scared of fire crackers and ran helter skelter outside VHP SOCIETY in Palghar.

Owner has been searching for him since a year now. Even a police complaint has been made. He is missing since Nov 7th 2018.

Owners are very worried and they keep going to search for him regularly. My humble request if you people know of any animal group that operates in Palghar please circulate this request . That aunty is miserable since he has gone missing. Please support to find the Furry Fellow.

If anyone gets any news about him, please connect with me. I will organise for him to be collected from wherever he may be. With prayers,
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

This girl is suffering and super ill from a neurological condition and we are trying to raise funds for her treatment. We have spent over 10K on our vet bills so far. Would any of you be able to donate anything? Latest update is that she has a vet appointment with Dr. Prathamesh today.

If Ur Fur Baby is 6 Yrs Old & Above, I would like to Encourage U to get the following Tests done Every 6 Months for ur Fur Baby.

* General Check-Up from the Vet
* Complete Blood Count (CBC)
* Liver Function Test
* Kidney Funtion Test &
* Thyroid Function Test

This is to rule out any medical issues that may be in the early stages.

Most of the times everything is ok but IF there is a Health Issue, then atleast it can be Detected Early & the correct & immediate treatment can be given.

The above 4 Tests r very important to check if all's well once ur Fur Baby enters it's Senior Yrs, just like we humans do regular tests once we r a certain age.

Also be vigilant about any unusual changes in ur Fur Baby.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Baby fell off from a height of 20 feet from a building while his feeder saw him. As soon as he fell, he was taken to the hospital and given first aid. On probing further it was found that this great fall had resulted in a major spinal cord injury.

Today, he doesn't poop or pee on his own. The waste of his body has to extracted. He is paralyzed and in massive pain.

The vet has suggested a surgery to make Baby walk again. I am not giving up Baby. I don't have the right to take his life and put him down. If the surgery is not done ASAP Baby will go paralyzed forever!

The surgery will itself cost 40,000
Foster for charges for 45 days
Transport costs
Post Op care 8000
Medicines and Repear Tests 10000

So we are raising 80,000 for Baby.

Paytm/Google Pay/PhonePe – 8652114494
Name – Aditi Parameshwaran
Account Number – 915010043365162
IFSC Code – UTIB0000574
Bank Name – Axis

Thank you!

Friday, September 27, 2019

On a priority basis, I’m looking for an urgent foster/adopter for a really sweet and healthy 1 year old Doberman boy.

The father is paralyzed and in hospital and the dog is alone by itself at home.
It is pooping and peeing in the house since there is no one at home.

The neighbors are also not friendly so the dog isn’t even getting its meals properly.

Please, I am begging with folded hands! Call 9820177740.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Monday, September 23, 2019

This dog was rescued by us over a year ago, the dog has cancer , we have tried various course of treatment but this recurrence is repeated.

Just looking at the dog , we cant lose hope yet. We want him to live his rest of life in peace . We are trying our best , please help us raising fund for this soul, small amount for the hope that he gets better.

We have named him hope, there are times when we feel like giving up to, but seeing hope fighting harder to be alive makes us even try harder.

Please help Hope for his treatment by donating any amount. Don't ignore please.

Here is our ac detail, we will give reciept of 80g of any amount recieved.

Bhumi Jeevdaya Samvardhan Trust
Bank:Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Ltd
Branch: Seawoodsw
A/C No: 089011100005067

You can also  paytm

Paytm- 9022390970

Tax benefit under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Thursday, September 19, 2019

MCGM's Veterinary Health Department along with organisations like WSD, IDA, Ahimsa,BSPCA, UAWS, MAA, SOS, the Mumbai Veterinary College and Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai has organized a Rabies Vaccination Drive for stray dogs from 28th Sept 2019 observed as World Rabies Day. All interested animal lovers and dog feeders are requested to participate in this drive.

Please help us with the following details:
1. Your Name
2. Address of your locality
3. Your contact number
4. Number of stray dogs for vaccination

Kindly email these details to on or before 25/09/2019.

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