Monday, October 29, 2018

A CHAINED BEAR WHOSE TEETH & CLAWS ARE REMOVED, IS BEING ATTACKED BY TRAINED DOGS...for a horror show paid for a sadistic audience...and it harms the dogs too...there is also another type of baiting with food, done by cowardly wannabe hunters with weapons...please, sign and share below, to help stop bear baiting in the USA...and keep spreading the new think of veganism...ALL ANIMALS MUST NOW BE PROTECTED FROM HUMAN IGNORANCE & GREED...thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters...
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Hey guys!

These three little fur babies are up for adoption 😍
Show them some love,help me find them their forever homes😊
25 days old healthy indie pups (2 females & 1 male)
Super active & chubby.
Love and affection needed in abundance
Please come forward
Spread the word😊

Location :WEST DELHI (moti Nagar)

Call us at - 8421401645
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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Diwali is a festival of lights. "Deepavali" means 'rows of lights'. Everyone celebrates Diwali in their own way and according to their means. For some moneyed people it could be the perfect opportunity to show off, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause to others. Diwali is about celebrations and spreading joy but not, definitely, not causing trouble others.

Animals are not able to bear the loud noise of firecrackers. Millions of animals are scared witless land feel traumatized every year during Diwali. Unfortunately, it happens, and on a regular basis, a pointer to the mindless way people celebrate Diwali. That their joy causes distress to animals does not matter at all because, in their worldview, animals are just things hardly deserving of any consideration.

Fear, anxiety, confusion and panic are few emotions animals feel when crackers burst and explode. Animals run helter skelter, may shy away from food, scurry into safe corners and stay hidden while the firecracker bursting holocaust goes on.

Animals have sharper sense of hearing and what seems normal to human beings can be excessively loud. When you burst a firecracker you look at it and expect it, which is another thing from the experience of a firecracker going on unexpectedly, which is what happens in the case of animals. You are likely to jump out of your skin. Animals start shivering, shaking, display aggressive behavior and indulge in excessive barking. 

There is a need for people to understand animal's feeling. People think the animal do not speak and that they do not have feelings. Many people, just for fun, tie crackers on animals’ tail or collar which results in the animal death, injury or it being terrified. It is a parent’s duty to educate children about being sensitive and sensible when bursting firecrackers. Childern should be taught to burst crackers away from pet and stray animals. Communities should not encourage residents to burst crackers but if anyone wants to do it, they should do it within an assigned time frame and at assigned place so that no animal are adversely affected. 

Things pet owners can do to calm down your pet this diwali 
  • Keep your pet indoor where sound does not reach easily. 
  • Keep all the door and windows of your house closed. 
  • Play soothing music so that your pet stays calm.
  • Give an anti-anxiety shot by taking your pet to vet.

Since it's really not possible to save all stray animals, we could appeal to people to not celebrate diwali with bursting crackers instead celebrate diwali in peaceful way with candles, lights, rangoli, colors, flowers. Instead of torturing animals, why not give it a treat on Diwali night?

Want to Donate? You can donate in any form - Money, blankets, beds, food, bowls and whatever you think of use of animals. Thank you. 

Adopt a pet. #adoptdontshop.

Call us on 8421401645 or Email us at

Friday, October 26, 2018

Meet LEO.

The story is here :

He was abandoned in December last year, he had food aggression, so i think it's pretty much clear why the owner left him on the road to starve. He got adopted as he's a lab, after vaccination.

And the person who adopted was an experienced foster dad. Despite that, after a couple of biting incidents, they gave up on keep him.

So, we decided to get him neutered at Utkarsh Star Mitra Mandal (Mulund). Then he went to three houses but eventually gave up on him because they say he bites.

Firstly we need to understand it's not at all easy for a dog to leave his home, they get emotionally disturb. And in case of leo he was rejected by 5 families, so you can imagine the mental condition of the poor soul. He didn't even get the time to settle down.

It is important to understand that dogs are not a toy, you need to treat them with respect irrespective of their breed or color.

People get excited to see a Labrador or retriever but don't think about how much effort it takes to ended up abandoning them.

According to a report of Mumbai Mirror, 80% of dogs abandoned are large breed dog, which are high maintenance so people get them home when they're puppy and leave them on road when hey are require more of their time and resources.

Just once think from their point of view and stop this and give them a chance.

So we are looking for an experience family for LEO who'll give  him a permanent home
If you wish to adopt him then get in touch with us now at 8421401645 Or Email us at

Spread the word :)

Location - Mumbai

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Hopes and expectations are always stay with us which are required to go on life in a better way. Here due to severe financial crisis, i am not able to buy food for around 150 dogs.

How would one feel, if they are required to sleep on an empty stomach? Imagine for these babies. How hard for them sleeping hungry all night.

Requirements are as follows : 

  • 300 kg rice
  • 50kg lapsi
  • 3 Pockets Meo each 20kg
  • 3 Pockets smartheart each 20kg

Please come forward and make the donation.
Call us - 8421401645
Email us -

Monday, October 22, 2018

She is sweety 4 month old female kitten.
she is deflead ,  dewormed and litter trained . She is completely vaccinated too and will be neutered soon. Very loving and playful.
She was all alone roaming on the streets after all her siblings  n mother died.
Dogs were after her life.I brought her home but the already  2 male kittens in the house are not accepting her at all.
They attack her whenever get a chance . It's difficult for her to stay at my house .
Please adopt her otherwise i will have to send her back to the streets which will be very heartbreaking for her and me.
Please adopt her and give her a chance to live a happy life which she deserves.

Please contact if anyone is interested in adoption
Email -
Contact Us - 8421401645

Saturday, October 20, 2018

She is SNOW , a year old beautiful little indie.
She has a terrible life life story to share.
This brave little baby actually fought against all odds for real.
It is a miracle for here to have recovered in no time after being run over by a vehicle that there was no option but to amputate 2 of her legs!
But her will to play , live and run about like her other dog companions was so strong that the doctors  also termed her recovery as a miracle !
But now , she cannot be send back on the roads because she would not be able to handle the terror of so many vehicles around !
It's a genuine request to each and everyone reading this, please help this little kid ans give her a beautiful home because she has a lot of love to shower and will never ever let you down.
To Adopt This Beauty , Please Call / Massage on

Friday, October 19, 2018

He/ she is just 10 -15 days old.Eyes not yet opened.
Her mother left her and hasn't been back since like a week .
A kind human saw her and bought her to the hospital.
She has a wound on her stomach which is the major cause of concern.
Looking for foster or someone who can adopt and take care of her to bring her back to life.
Please help and save her as this human has a travelling job and can't take care of her for long

Please Contact if anyone is interested in adoption 
Email -
Call Us - 8421401645

Monday, October 15, 2018

Cute , very playful and naughty Myra is up for adoption .
Myra a pom mix female puppy 7 month old .
She was rescued at the age of 2 month from the main road.
Please help me to find her a loving and forever home or will be left soon.
She can't survive on the roads.
Adoption formality will be done.

Please contact if anyone is interested in adoption
Email -

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My name is Ram and i was dying out of starvation and got sick to but few kind humans pulled me out of it.

I am at foster home where i got loads n loads of love and love to be with humans.

I have become little naughty but I am well behave led as. My foster parents are proud of me because i never bothered them for my susu & potty.

I don't want to go back to streets again..

Please adopt me !

Please contact if anyone is interested in adoption
Email -

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Continuing my rant on vets I have other thoughts too.

Vets at government hospitals just do not care much for animals, at least not the garden variety dogs and cats are what I have found.  Oh well if government hospitals consider normal human beings as cattle then how can one expect vets in the government hospital to be any different? Private vets are either just incompetent or do not care.

However, in my city, there are two animal service charities. They operate an ambulance. You phone them and they go to where the sick animal is and give treatment. The catch is these ambulance services will treat only stray animals, not household pets. In my experience these animal ambulance services run by charitable trusts in this city are good. I once had a shopowner phone them to come and attend to two kittens who were very sick, obviously victims of a viral attack. The ambulance came and the doctor gave the kittens some injections and they recovered. Unfortunately, these ambulance services will not attend to pets. A pity. They are truly competent.

Could we get them to visit us at home and treat our pets on payment of charges? I wish the charitable trusts operating these services would agree.

If you see stray animals wounded or ill it would be nice if you can phone such animal helplines. It costs you just one phone call. Some animal’s soul will thank you.

Monday, October 1, 2018

These days it is a sort of fashion to get a dog as a pet. And not just any dog. Only a fancy breed will do. People buy expensive dogs and show them off with pride.

Things go well for some time. However, a dog, whether it is your local street dog or a fancy breed, needs care, love, and attention. It is expensive. You must spend the time to keep him well groomed. You must spend on food. He needs to be taken out for a walk. You have to clean his poop.

The novelty wears off after some time. People find that a dog becomes a burden. You can trust a dog to be faithful and true to you. However, you cannot trust people to return that trust and affection. This is what they do. They take their dog in a car for a long ride and, in some other part of the city, they push the dog out and drive away. The dog is left to fend for himself. If he is lucky he manages to survive on whatever scraps he can find. More often he falls a victim to the local street dogs.

This is heartless and a blot on humanity. 
Know the reasons why are animals abandoned

Would you do that to your child?

People who wish to get a dog as a pet must think through about everything that is involved in inducing a pet into the family. Dogs are sensitive. They are affectionate. They trust implicitly. Dog owners who abandon pets are breaking a precious trust, worse than committing a sin. How would you feel if you were dumped so unceremoniously by your own family members? Dogs have hearts.

Indians proudly claim to have 5000 years of “rich traditional heritage” but if this is what educated people do to dogs what can you expect from those who do not have any education at all?
Please think before you get a dog. Do not abandon him. Find another home for him but do not throw him into the rubbish.