Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Are Animals Abandoned?

Animal shelters are overflowing with dogs, cats. These animals are waiting to get a new, loving home. But the basic questions is why these animals gets abandoned?

After a lot of research and from my own experience, i found the main reasons for abandoning animals are :

  • Moving to a new home
  • Pets are not allowed by new landlords
  • No space in new home for pets
  • Allergy if any new member joins the family
  • Personal problems
  • No time to take care of pets
  • Pet illness
  • Biting
  • Maintenance not affordable 
Many a times, owners left animals alone in the room itself while moving. They get noticed after the four closer process, when the realtor or bank enters the home. These animals may die due to lack of food and water, some though survive but with a poor condition.

Behavioral problem is the main reason for dogs to get abandoned. This may be biting or aggression. But these are common issues like barking. Most of the issues may get fixed, but owners do not know this, due to lack of knowledge.

Would you leave your own child in old apartment when moving to a new home? Definitely, NO.
Then why these poor animals get this type of treatment after being loyal to you. They trust on you. Where would they go? They really gets confused, what to do without you.

If you've any new member joining your family and having allergy, always remember, allergy can get treated. This is not fare to abandoned your own pet for such a small reason.

Through outreach and education, we can reduce the number of animals coming to animal shelters. Many shelters do have printed information on how to easily cope up with adopted animals behavioral problems. Some shelters do provide phone support to go through this problem. Being an animal caregiver, you should give your 100% commitment to your pet. Shelters helps educate people for this.

Before adopting any pet, you should really think on how you will handle the behavioral issues. You can take the help of shelter people. This will certainly help reduce animals to get abandoned.

Write to me, if you know anyone who have abandoned their pets. What are the ways to prevent it from your point of view.

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