Friday, October 26, 2018

LEO - Up for Adoption

Meet LEO.

The story is here :

He was abandoned in December last year, he had food aggression, so i think it's pretty much clear why the owner left him on the road to starve. He got adopted as he's a lab, after vaccination.

And the person who adopted was an experienced foster dad. Despite that, after a couple of biting incidents, they gave up on keep him.

So, we decided to get him neutered at Utkarsh Star Mitra Mandal (Mulund). Then he went to three houses but eventually gave up on him because they say he bites.

Firstly we need to understand it's not at all easy for a dog to leave his home, they get emotionally disturb. And in case of leo he was rejected by 5 families, so you can imagine the mental condition of the poor soul. He didn't even get the time to settle down.

It is important to understand that dogs are not a toy, you need to treat them with respect irrespective of their breed or color.

People get excited to see a Labrador or retriever but don't think about how much effort it takes to ended up abandoning them.

According to a report of Mumbai Mirror, 80% of dogs abandoned are large breed dog, which are high maintenance so people get them home when they're puppy and leave them on road when hey are require more of their time and resources.

Just once think from their point of view and stop this and give them a chance.

So we are looking for an experience family for LEO who'll give  him a permanent home
If you wish to adopt him then get in touch with us now at 8421401645 Or Email us at

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Location - Mumbai

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