Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On Vets

Continuing my rant on vets I have other thoughts too.

Vets at government hospitals just do not care much for animals, at least not the garden variety dogs and cats are what I have found.  Oh well if government hospitals consider normal human beings as cattle then how can one expect vets in the government hospital to be any different? Private vets are either just incompetent or do not care.

However, in my city, there are two animal service charities. They operate an ambulance. You phone them and they go to where the sick animal is and give treatment. The catch is these ambulance services will treat only stray animals, not household pets. In my experience these animal ambulance services run by charitable trusts in this city are good. I once had a shopowner phone them to come and attend to two kittens who were very sick, obviously victims of a viral attack. The ambulance came and the doctor gave the kittens some injections and they recovered. Unfortunately, these ambulance services will not attend to pets. A pity. They are truly competent.

Could we get them to visit us at home and treat our pets on payment of charges? I wish the charitable trusts operating these services would agree.

If you see stray animals wounded or ill it would be nice if you can phone such animal helplines. It costs you just one phone call. Some animal’s soul will thank you.

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