Monday, December 31, 2018


Late last night we got a call from a remote village about a pregnant dog who was unable to move. On reaching the site we were terrified to see the skinniest of dogs hardly breathing with two tiny legs dangling outside herðŸ˜ĒShe was hypothermic with a body temperature of 90.7 as recorded by the vet and had suffered a miscarriage with one fully grown dead pup stuck half outside her body.

We have done several rescues over the years in most horrific of circumstances but this was most heartbreaking!

We have named her Katori on her big kind eyes. Katori is in emergency care and needs immediate surgery. As per her vets all the pups are probably dead inside her and she is in Septic shock and severe trauma
ðŸ˜ĒðŸ˜Ē Her body temperature is being maintained by infra red light, heat belt and room heaters.

We are relying on you for your help in saving this no more than 8 months old pup.

We are raising INR 16000 for Katori's surgery and post operative care for next 15 days. We are certain you will help us save this tiny soul

Please Paytm your donation to 7042723301. Don't forget to mention 'For Katori' in your comments.

You may also donate via bank transfer at:
Bank Name- Kotak Mahindra
Bank City/State- Greater Noida
NAME ON ACCOUNT:Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust
IFSC Code: KKBK0005028
Account Type : Current
MICR Code: 110485062
Bank Account Number: 2711961359
Foreign benefactors may donate via:

Dog Bless
Team Sophie

7 months super energetic like his name.... Bolt is up for adoption.

Bolt, a pure lab is friendly and high on energy and needs someone equal to take care of him. Vaccinations are done and needs a forever home. Innocent as his eyes look to you, loving as he is.

If interested to adopt kindly WhatsApp me on 9004095909.

Adoption opens only for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area. Adoption formalities mandatory. Family adopting Bolt will have to donate some food also for the needy.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It’s been a gloomy Christmas for pet shops in Britain. The government plans to introduce legislation in 2019 to prohibit pet shops engaging in sales of dogs and cats. It will hold public consultations before making it law. It could well be termed Lucy’s Law to honor a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The spaniel died in 2016 and was unable to breed because it was confined to a small cage until it was rescued from a puppy farm in Wales in 2013.  Lisa Garner, an activist, gave Lucy shelter in her home and launched a social media campaign that led to the British Government considering this legislation.

Lucy is not an isolated case. It has been observed that pet shops supposedly indulge in exploitation and abuse of animals, keeping them confined in small cages for extended periods.

The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) said that anyone who wishes to get a cat or a dog will have to approach breeders or re-homing centres. DEFRA said that this law would end the misrable conditions that pets have to endure in puppy farms and it would also resolve some welfare issues.

While pet shops are the front end, the actual culprits are puppy farms that engage in high volume breeding and then flood the pet shops with animals. The puppy farms follow unethical practices and so do pet shops, treating animals as commodities. There are about 8.9 million dogs, 11.1 million cats and one million rabbits, many of them from puppy farms.

The legislation is bound to receive a warm welcome from pet lovers who have been appalled by the horrific treatment puppies and kittens endure. Claire Horton of Battersea Dogs Home in London welcomed this measure. She said that now, the pets will get a good start.  The said dog home was featured in TV series dealing with pet rescues.

Does this mean puppy farms and their horrendous practices will vanish overnight? It is a matter of speculation. They could go underground. So long as there is a market the suppliers will always be around.  About 49 percent of adults in UK owned or own at least one pet in 2018 said the Britain’s People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals charitable organization. Another reason for this nefarious trade in pets is that pets are usually given as gifts to adults and children alike. DEFRA advises people to avoid this practice of giving pets as a surprise gift.

A law was already enacted that banned licensed pet shops from dealing in pets under eight weeks of age. This is but one of the various initiatives of the Government for welfare of animals. The proposed legislation will make it mandatory for non-commercial rescue and re-homing organizations to be licensed.

The British do love pets and the government’s concern is worthy appreciation especially when one considers the Brexit tangle it is grappling with.

India, on the other hand, has a government and people that are light years behind in this area. It has become fashionable to buy fancy dogs to show off. It is these same people who, once the novelty wears off and the fact drills in that they have a long term commitment and expense on their hands, quietly take the dog, drive some distance, and abandon the hapless animal.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Hi everyone, this is Flora. She is a 7-8 months old female Indie pup. She was abandoned by her previous owner and was rescued in bad condition. She is healthy now. But hasn't been able to find a home for two months. She is very friendly. She is living in a paid boarding and very soon I won't be able to keep paying for it. Please help me find a home for her. She can't go back to the street as she is not used to it and won't survive. She is based in Bangalore, but I can transport her wherever her adopter will be. Thank you very much.

Let's find a home for the little kid Pablo pls? Let's grant him his Christmas gift now because hello!!!!!! Pablo has been a velly velly good boi till now.
So what I know about Pablo in last 5 months?
1. Pablo is a labrador boy n an oil burn survivor. He was abandoned on highway outside Ahmedabad. This boy happily sat in the car of the gentleman who brought him to me in the middle of the night because he had absolutely no place to go.
2. on the day 2 we thought he has skin issue on his chest area but our vet told me that someone has thrown a hot oil on him. Getting the hair back on that area is impossible. But he wears his scar on his body like a medal.
I would have been totally disgusted by humans if someone had done something to me but Pablo loves humans. He adores humans and crave for their company.
3. Pablo is 1.5-2 years old very young boy. He is vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.
4. He has a hurricane of energy trapped in that tiny little body. I am 5'7 ft tall woman and trust me he jump till my head when he is super excited. ðŸ˜ It's so so so funny to see him jump like a monkey.
5. Pablo hates actually dispise other dogs and he doesn't discriminate between the gender. He just hates all the dogs. ðŸ˜‚ So Pablo needs a home where he should be the only dog to hog on the attention.
6. Pablo is toilet trained and can live alone for good 7-8 hours on his own without doing any drama.
He is perfect dog for a family who doesn't mind long walks. If you are lazy, he is not the dog for you. He needs his daily dose of long walks. He is perfect for a working couple. Will not recommend him around very young kid n old people because of his niinja skills. ðŸ˜
8. Pablo is an amazing amazing kid who just makes me proud for being a fighter and a joker. I really want him to go home where his scars will not be looked over and his funny antics will be cherished.
Pablo totally deserves his share of happiness, he deserves a home, a family and a happily ever after. It's time for him to go home now. He is currently in AHMEDABAD but if he gets a home outside, m happy to send this boy. ðŸ˜Š
Can you pls pls pls share so that it reaches to his new family.
To Adopt Pablo, please drop a message on 9537112249. No phone calls will be entertained.
Thank you ðŸ’“

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Providing shelter to senior and Handicapped cats and dogs is not an easy task at all.
Providing nutritious food on time and on customized menu, clean surroundings, regular vet check ups, exercises, constantly looking for signs of discomfort, taking the animals to vet comfortably and being there to referee fights that can turn ugly. It's a 24/7 job.
We are talking about our three sincere staff who stay on site with the residents. In spite of many disadvantages in the location of our present Home, they go the extra mile to ensure that all needs of the residents are met promptly. They are loved by our residents and their sincerity shows in the glowing faces of our furrys.
We intend providing better restroom facilities for our staff in the new location
Because they deserve it!!
Please help us by donating to the Crowdera fund raiser...we have received 16 PCT of our goal. There's a lot help we need urgently. The land to move into has been earmarked and waiting but we have a lot of work yet to be done and nothing can start without funding .

Thank you!!

Tommoy, almost 2 months old MALE puppy. 
He was rescued from the roads where people used hit, kick and throw stones at him. 
He has no place to go ! 

Can someone adopt him or foster him till he gets adopted ?
I can't afford paid foster..can give food. 

Contact 9082874675

Monday, December 24, 2018

Make this #Christmas memorable by bringing her to your home. She is lovely, #cute#adorablegirl . Her story is very #Sad . Her #mother died by run over a car. I found her crying behind her mother's dead body. I could not resist myself and immediately decided to get her at home.
She was just a few days old when i brought her home. Now she is a month old. Can you give a space in your home for my cute fur baby, Bella. She is in#Mumbai right now but can travel anywhere. She just need lots of #love, attention and care.
Contact now. #AdoptDontShop

Sunday, December 23, 2018

This female dog is surviving in very bad condition.
Her body has many wounds and she is too old to recover from it.
I found this baby shivering in street and begging for help.
Unfortunately, people of this area throw stones at her as they consider her ugly.

I have arranged her to send in sanctuary for her extremely old days and she needs medical treatment also.
I am finding difficulty in arranging funds for ambulance.
It needed ₹1500 and no fund is collected yet.
She is all set to send tomorrow in a very tight schedule of ambulance services.
Kindly help me collecting ₹1500
The photos of her proof journey to sanctuary should be uploaded shortly.

Paytm :- 9650845613

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Please meet Bella a 2.5 month old abandoned then rescued female kitty. Located at Kandivali East Mumbai.
Two weeks back she got a cozy home only to realise that the human mother was unable to manage her, though she adopted her but couldn't give her a home forever. And so she was once again abandoned. ðŸ˜ž
I was happy to take her back thinking she is destined for better luck & better family. ðŸ˜˜
Bella is super friendly, healthy, fearless, dewormed with potty with washroom ettiquets. She loves playing whole day with her toys ðŸĪŠ with few breaks at times which she uses for eating n drinking n sometimes sleeping but otherwise she just wants to play endlessly. ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜
She is looking for her forever home. Anyone keen to have this bundle of joy and power packed girl please contact me:: 
Reenila Sandhu Bose

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Here's someone who will make your life a lot brighter and your heart more happier!!!

Name : Guddu ( the black one)
Age :9 and half months, approximately

He is little baby with a terrible & saddening past.he was abandoned by some cruel people but now rescued & at a safe place.
it's been almost 4 months that he has been looking for this forever home but no one has come forward to adopt him.

He is -
  • Fully vaccinated and Healthy 
  • Pee and Poop trained
  • knows, understands and responds to his name
  • He is super cuddly and had his own way to melt your heart
  • A very gentle, loving & calm soul 
  • Human and animal friendly 
  • Super energetic & enthusiastic 
He is truly the best for child a person can ask for!! Please come forward and adopt him, he has a lot love & affection to give !
To adopt him please call/massage/whatsapp  on  7045379636
waiting for your call!!

Location : Andheri  West,  Mumbai

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Emma is beautiful cheetah and leopard spotted kitten ðŸ† that loves to play, follow her favorite hooman around the house and put a smile to those around her with her funny antics ðŸ˜ŧ At 6 months old.
she is an intelligent kitten that loves to give company to anyone watching Netflix TV shows on the big screen. 
She is litter-trained, vaccinated, de wormed and completely healthy. 
To adopt this beautiful spotted princess, contact 9930640177.

This Adorable and fluffy little angel was found on busy road all alone and scared.
Tried to find her mother but no luck. During 2 last days she is being kept in temporary shelter (area is not clean and at night she is kept outside in the box, very scared of older stray dogs who roam around). 
Anyone who is interested in adoption or giving this lovely baby a proper foster care please contact on 9823202016 (Call / WhatsApp)

House check is mandatory as this is a part of a process.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

World For All believes in giving a chance to external fosters and animal lovers who rescue helpless pups and kittens off the streets in order to give them the deserving chance at a forever home

To register your rescue - Call/ Message 9769997540 / email

*Registrations are first come first serve basis only.
**Terms and conditions apply  

Monday, October 29, 2018

A CHAINED BEAR WHOSE TEETH & CLAWS ARE REMOVED, IS BEING ATTACKED BY TRAINED DOGS...for a horror show paid for a sadistic audience...and it harms the dogs too...there is also another type of baiting with food, done by cowardly wannabe hunters with weapons...please, sign and share below, to help stop bear baiting in the USA...and keep spreading the new think of veganism...ALL ANIMALS MUST NOW BE PROTECTED FROM HUMAN IGNORANCE & GREED...thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters...
#bear #bait #baiting #dog #dogs #USA #US #protect#animal #animals #human #enviornment#savenature #nature #jungle #forest 



Hey guys!

These three little fur babies are up for adoption ðŸ˜
Show them some love,help me find them their forever homes😊
25 days old healthy indie pups (2 females & 1 male)
Super active & chubby.
Love and affection needed in abundance
Please come forward
Spread the word😊

Location :WEST DELHI (moti Nagar)

Call us at - 8421401645
Email us -

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Diwali is a festival of lights. "Deepavali" means 'rows of lights'. Everyone celebrates Diwali in their own way and according to their means. For some moneyed people it could be the perfect opportunity to show off, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause to others. Diwali is about celebrations and spreading joy but not, definitely, not causing trouble others.

Animals are not able to bear the loud noise of firecrackers. Millions of animals are scared witless land feel traumatized every year during Diwali. Unfortunately, it happens, and on a regular basis, a pointer to the mindless way people celebrate Diwali. That their joy causes distress to animals does not matter at all because, in their worldview, animals are just things hardly deserving of any consideration.

Fear, anxiety, confusion and panic are few emotions animals feel when crackers burst and explode. Animals run helter skelter, may shy away from food, scurry into safe corners and stay hidden while the firecracker bursting holocaust goes on.

Animals have sharper sense of hearing and what seems normal to human beings can be excessively loud. When you burst a firecracker you look at it and expect it, which is another thing from the experience of a firecracker going on unexpectedly, which is what happens in the case of animals. You are likely to jump out of your skin. Animals start shivering, shaking, display aggressive behavior and indulge in excessive barking. 

There is a need for people to understand animal's feeling. People think the animal do not speak and that they do not have feelings. Many people, just for fun, tie crackers on animals’ tail or collar which results in the animal death, injury or it being terrified. It is a parent’s duty to educate children about being sensitive and sensible when bursting firecrackers. Childern should be taught to burst crackers away from pet and stray animals. Communities should not encourage residents to burst crackers but if anyone wants to do it, they should do it within an assigned time frame and at assigned place so that no animal are adversely affected. 

Things pet owners can do to calm down your pet this diwali 
  • Keep your pet indoor where sound does not reach easily. 
  • Keep all the door and windows of your house closed. 
  • Play soothing music so that your pet stays calm.
  • Give an anti-anxiety shot by taking your pet to vet.

Since it's really not possible to save all stray animals, we could appeal to people to not celebrate diwali with bursting crackers instead celebrate diwali in peaceful way with candles, lights, rangoli, colors, flowers. Instead of torturing animals, why not give it a treat on Diwali night?

Want to Donate? You can donate in any form - Money, blankets, beds, food, bowls and whatever you think of use of animals. Thank you. 

Adopt a pet. #adoptdontshop.

Call us on 8421401645 or Email us at

Friday, October 26, 2018

Meet LEO.

The story is here :

He was abandoned in December last year, he had food aggression, so i think it's pretty much clear why the owner left him on the road to starve. He got adopted as he's a lab, after vaccination.

And the person who adopted was an experienced foster dad. Despite that, after a couple of biting incidents, they gave up on keep him.

So, we decided to get him neutered at Utkarsh Star Mitra Mandal (Mulund). Then he went to three houses but eventually gave up on him because they say he bites.

Firstly we need to understand it's not at all easy for a dog to leave his home, they get emotionally disturb. And in case of leo he was rejected by 5 families, so you can imagine the mental condition of the poor soul. He didn't even get the time to settle down.

It is important to understand that dogs are not a toy, you need to treat them with respect irrespective of their breed or color.

People get excited to see a Labrador or retriever but don't think about how much effort it takes to ended up abandoning them.

According to a report of Mumbai Mirror, 80% of dogs abandoned are large breed dog, which are high maintenance so people get them home when they're puppy and leave them on road when hey are require more of their time and resources.

Just once think from their point of view and stop this and give them a chance.

So we are looking for an experience family for LEO who'll give  him a permanent home
If you wish to adopt him then get in touch with us now at 8421401645 Or Email us at

Spread the word :)

Location - Mumbai

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Hopes and expectations are always stay with us which are required to go on life in a better way. Here due to severe financial crisis, i am not able to buy food for around 150 dogs.

How would one feel, if they are required to sleep on an empty stomach? Imagine for these babies. How hard for them sleeping hungry all night.

Requirements are as follows : 

  • 300 kg rice
  • 50kg lapsi
  • 3 Pockets Meo each 20kg
  • 3 Pockets smartheart each 20kg

Please come forward and make the donation.
Call us - 8421401645
Email us -

Monday, October 22, 2018

She is sweety 4 month old female kitten.
she is deflead ,  dewormed and litter trained . She is completely vaccinated too and will be neutered soon. Very loving and playful.
She was all alone roaming on the streets after all her siblings  n mother died.
Dogs were after her life.I brought her home but the already  2 male kittens in the house are not accepting her at all.
They attack her whenever get a chance . It's difficult for her to stay at my house .
Please adopt her otherwise i will have to send her back to the streets which will be very heartbreaking for her and me.
Please adopt her and give her a chance to live a happy life which she deserves.

Please contact if anyone is interested in adoption
Email -
Contact Us - 8421401645

Saturday, October 20, 2018

She is SNOW , a year old beautiful little indie.
She has a terrible life life story to share.
This brave little baby actually fought against all odds for real.
It is a miracle for here to have recovered in no time after being run over by a vehicle that there was no option but to amputate 2 of her legs!
But her will to play , live and run about like her other dog companions was so strong that the doctors  also termed her recovery as a miracle !
But now , she cannot be send back on the roads because she would not be able to handle the terror of so many vehicles around !
It's a genuine request to each and everyone reading this, please help this little kid ans give her a beautiful home because she has a lot of love to shower and will never ever let you down.
To Adopt This Beauty , Please Call / Massage on