Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Fund Raising Appeal

Providing shelter to senior and Handicapped cats and dogs is not an easy task at all.
Providing nutritious food on time and on customized menu, clean surroundings, regular vet check ups, exercises, constantly looking for signs of discomfort, taking the animals to vet comfortably and being there to referee fights that can turn ugly. It's a 24/7 job.
We are talking about our three sincere staff who stay on site with the residents. In spite of many disadvantages in the location of our present Home, they go the extra mile to ensure that all needs of the residents are met promptly. They are loved by our residents and their sincerity shows in the glowing faces of our furrys.
We intend providing better restroom facilities for our staff in the new location
Because they deserve it!!
Please help us by donating to the Crowdera fund raiser...we have received 16 PCT of our goal. There's a lot help we need urgently. The land to move into has been earmarked and waiting but we have a lot of work yet to be done and nothing can start without funding .

Thank you!!

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