Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Let's find a home for the little kid Pablo pls? Let's grant him his Christmas gift now because hello!!!!!! Pablo has been a velly velly good boi till now.
So what I know about Pablo in last 5 months?
1. Pablo is a labrador boy n an oil burn survivor. He was abandoned on highway outside Ahmedabad. This boy happily sat in the car of the gentleman who brought him to me in the middle of the night because he had absolutely no place to go.
2. on the day 2 we thought he has skin issue on his chest area but our vet told me that someone has thrown a hot oil on him. Getting the hair back on that area is impossible. But he wears his scar on his body like a medal.
I would have been totally disgusted by humans if someone had done something to me but Pablo loves humans. He adores humans and crave for their company.
3. Pablo is 1.5-2 years old very young boy. He is vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.
4. He has a hurricane of energy trapped in that tiny little body. I am 5'7 ft tall woman and trust me he jump till my head when he is super excited. 😁 It's so so so funny to see him jump like a monkey.
5. Pablo hates actually dispise other dogs and he doesn't discriminate between the gender. He just hates all the dogs. 😂 So Pablo needs a home where he should be the only dog to hog on the attention.
6. Pablo is toilet trained and can live alone for good 7-8 hours on his own without doing any drama.
He is perfect dog for a family who doesn't mind long walks. If you are lazy, he is not the dog for you. He needs his daily dose of long walks. He is perfect for a working couple. Will not recommend him around very young kid n old people because of his niinja skills. 😁
8. Pablo is an amazing amazing kid who just makes me proud for being a fighter and a joker. I really want him to go home where his scars will not be looked over and his funny antics will be cherished.
Pablo totally deserves his share of happiness, he deserves a home, a family and a happily ever after. It's time for him to go home now. He is currently in AHMEDABAD but if he gets a home outside, m happy to send this boy. 😊
Can you pls pls pls share so that it reaches to his new family.
To Adopt Pablo, please drop a message on 9537112249. No phone calls will be entertained.
Thank you 💓

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