Friday, June 16, 2017

Finally Gajraj Got Rescued After 51 Years Of Neglect

Hats off to Peta India Movement ! They finally did it.

After being chained for 51 long years, Gajraj - a 63- year old bull elephant - has been successfully rescued from his chains. Gajraj was kept as a tourist attraction at Bhavani Museum and Yamai Devi temple at Satara.

Gajraj was kept isolated receiving abusive treatment in these 50 years.  After the inspection by Wildlife SOS veterinarians, Gajraj is suffered from toenail abscesses in his legs and it may spread to the bone. Both of his foot pads shows severe degeneration, which could make him severely lame.

But now, he will receive good treatment and will start getting company with his fellow elephants.

More than 200,000 supporters from PETA India helped Gajraj to have his life back. But the rescue was not as easy as it is seen. Hundreds of villagers and his mahuts showed an objection even threatened mass suicide. But on examining Gajraj's situation, under Maharashtra-government's notice, a veterinarians team confirmed varies injuries and an untreated abscesses on his hinds and elbows.

Sources said that, Gajraj was taken to the place when he was 12 years old from MP 800 kilometers away which took almost a month and a half.

Now Gajraj will be in safest place where he can roam anywhere without chains, bath in river and be in the company of another fellow elephants.

Thanks to Peta India.

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