Monday, June 26, 2017

Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Petition

In every country, except China, Dogs can be police officers, service dogs, emotional support for abused children, a child's best friend, a family's loyal pet and more.

China, Yulin conduct dog meat festival every year. This festival starts in summer on 21st June every year which lasts for 10 days where more than 10,000 dogs including pups get consumed.  Large number of dogs are stolen from their loving families, rest are stray dogs and the dogs raised in dog farm.

These dogs are forced to travel without food and water, in a tight cage, for days one over the other where they can't even move a bit. At Yulin, these dogs are hanged, burned, skinned, boiled, torched and beaten that too ALIVE. This all goes on the streets in front of public. Moreover, they tortured these poor animals in front of other animals so that they get stressed and feared.

The belief behind this torture is while they are still ALIVE, more the animals have run fear through their blood, more tasty their meat will be.  It also gives the men more sexual stamina, keep them cook during the hot summer.

The tradition of eating dog meat is around 400 years old. Dog meat traders started this event to boost up the business.

Animal welfare activist have been trying for years to get this horrible tradition banned. Unfortunately, government of China is giving some reasons to avoid this ban. We need to send the petition to the old generation people, who still believe in this tradition of eating dog meat.

We are the 20th century generation and we believe that this act is cruel and inhuman. The poor animals do not deserve this type of treatment and millions of people across all the countries are against of it.

We should boycott Chinese products until they ban this act.

Sign this petition to convince China's government, how cruel this act is. And they should better ban this festival.

Sign the Petition here :

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