Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How To Help Street Dogs in India

India has the largest number of street dogs, which are roaming freely on the road. Most of these dogs belongs to ancient canine family known as Pariah Dog, which is there all over Asia and Africa.

These dogs live on garbage created by humans. The dogs are often kept as pets by rural and urban slum people.

To control the population, sterilization is the best method, i guess. NGOs should invest a little more time in spaying and neutering, which reduce the overall population of stray dogs in country.

Adopt, Don't Buy :

Nowadays, we all can see one statement that Don't Buy. Adopt. And that is very much correct. Stray dogs/pups needs your love. They are much loyal than any other dog breed. Then why are you wasting your money for a foreign dog breed. Go and adopt a street dog. He will be much more happy to have a lifelong home, loving parents.

Some steps we can take to reduce the suffering on street :

  1. All dogs in a particular area should be sterilized. This way we can reduce the number of newborn pups.
  2. There should be some responsible person in every area, who will ensure any new dog who comes in is sterilized.
  3. Individual people should take active part in sterilization process instead of being dependent on any organization or NGO.   

If all humans put an effort to help in any of the way mentioned above, our country will be the much better place for strays. 

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