Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Shocking, Hearbreaking Story Snowy. Adoption Appeal

Hi, I'm Snowy. You don't need a high IQ to understand the logic behind me getting this name. 
Still, I'll make it easy for you. My rescuer gave me this name as I was white as snow.

I love to play with kids, toys and my own tail.
I love number three.
I know it may have raised your eyebrows to know this, but there's a reason behind my love for number three.
Unlike humans I'm not afraid of number three. 

Here goes the story behind my love for number three:

I was a happy girl who liked to play and loved running. 

I was out in the street, but I didn't know government issued driving licence even to blind people. (no disrespect to blinds) Cos the way that driver ran his car over me made it clear either he was blind or he was not a human. Maybe he was a human, but with no humanity left. I've heard about such humans from many animals and homeless people. But it was my first time seeing them.

The accident left me in my own pool of blood with my hind legs totally crushed to pieces. I was left to die, but I swear I didn't cry. I had learnt to carry a happy face and that day too I was calm.

Then someone called the girl who rescued me. She had no idea how to pick me up in that condition. It would have been difficult for any human being. 

Cos that day the only white thing visible on my body was my own bones visible due to deep wounds.

I was taken to the best doctor available in the city. Thank God he was the best. If best was so terrible in dressing, God knows how I would have felt at any other Doctor.

After 1-2 days my rescuer planned to get my surgery done. She couldn't see me in this pain. Although I never showed any pain on my face, but she was full of empathy.

So she decided to take me to one of the best veterinary hospital in North India. We booked the taxi to Ludhiana. I was joined by a very handsome German Shepherd dog named Leo. He wasn't too interested in me so I kept mum during our journey. 

It was a long 4 hour journey. We had to reach there before 8:30 AM and we did it.

But we forgot to take an appointment for my surgery. We were refused for surgery and we asked to come again. That would have been really difficult for my rescuers and they had to take leave from office again. So they pleaded with the doctor and he obliged.

But then came the shocking statement. Doctor said I'll lose both of my hind legs.
My rescuer talked to the doctor. She tried her best to convince them to at least try to save one hind leg. And her faith paid off. 

They saved my third leg. It had multiple fractures and needed daily dressing.

It was not an easy task as I had no tissues left to support my broken leg, but her faith was the only support that kept me strong.

With each passing day I felt better thanks to her love. 

Now coming to my love for number three. I love number three because I know the value of it.

I know how painful it would have been had I lost even my third leg. I don't believe in crying for what's lost. I believe cherishing what is left and making with it the most. 

I know how to create happiness wherever I go. If you want me to bring happiness in your life feel free to DM for details.

Ph - 7988167904

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