Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Romeo-Juliet Up For Adoption - Mumbai, Delhi

These two furbabies have had a tough existence. 

The sole purpose of keeping them alive by their master (backyard breeder) was to use and abuse their bodies to make money from their offsprings. Then their kittens would be sold at merely couple weeks old and the pair would be forcibly bred all over again. This happened for years together. Until the female's uterus collapsed and she could not carry on. They were both then dumped on the road with their bodies stashed in polyster bags. Like corpses.

But destiny had other plans for these two. They got a second chance. They were rescued, treated, and neutered. They were made to experience that good humans exist too.

Don't these two deserve a kind family in 2019 who can continue to love them for the rest of their life?

Interested folks from Mumbai / Delhi: Call / msg us on 9136127487 for Romeo-Juliet💗💗

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