Thursday, May 2, 2019

Emergency First-Aid for Dogs

Get My Pet brings you the impressively written E-book for first aid for dogs.

Emergency don't come by telling you. It can come anytime, all of a sudden. You should be prepared for everything.

When such situation comes, this first aid e-book will help you keep your pet/your streety at comfort and safety while awaiting treatment. The main aim of this book to keep your animal stable till help reaches.

Many a times, i see people gets confused when their beloved got injured, sick or stop breathing. So to handle this situation safely, first-aid knowledge is very important. Animals frequently go in a situation where emergency care is required. But due to lack of first aid knowledge, people usually got confused and didn't aware of what to do and how.

Click  here to read or download the E-Book
Emergency First Aid for Dogs

The book is written by the combined efforts of
Mr Jagdish Prakash
Mrs Rakhi Sethi
Miss Ruchika Gupta

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