Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Bowl Of Water For Birds, Animals In Summer

Placing a water bowl for birds in balcony is very easy. Animals, especially birds don't migrate if they don't find drinking water. This results in dehydration and death of a bird.

Nowadays, temperature has been increasing day by day. Humans can get anything to cool down the body temperature. But this does not happen with birds. They need to travel distance just for drinking water. Our small help can save their life.

I personally put water bowl every day with some grains and rice for birds. Crows, sparrows, squirrels comes and finish up all till evening.  I feel very glad to see these birds around my home all the day.

I request you to put at least a water bowl with fresh and cool water at your balcony, open space, window so that birds can get it easily and they can save their life during this hot summer.

If you find any animal/bird in trouble, help them. Contact me for any assistance.

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