Friday, December 29, 2017

How To Groom A Cat | GetMyPet

Usually cats clean themselves many times a day. But she'll need a little help from you, sometimes. Grooming a cat to not just look them fashionable but it's a good way to know about your cat's health, any illness etc.

How to groom a cat :

  • Brushing : Cats can have short or long hair. Cats clean their hair themselves but if you do it properly then it will help remove dirt, dead hair, fleas preventing the mats. Brush once or twice a week will be enough for a healthy, glowing coat. There are cat-specific combs available in the market, make use of that. Always brush your cat gently. You can do so when she is sleeping or sitting in your lap. 
  • Trimming : Not all cats needs hair trimming, but if your cat has long coat/fur, you should think of trimming her hair with cat-specific trimmer. Do not trim harshly, but gently. If it seems difficult to trim, you can hire a professional groomer for this task. 
  • Bathing : Usually, cats bath themselves with their tongue and teeth. But sometimes, the cat coat becomes sticky or dirty which requires a good bath. Use a shampoo which is mild and does not become harsh on cat's skin. Use warm water instead of very hot or cold. Make sure, there is no shampoo left in cat's hair else it will become itchy. 
  • Nail : Your cat will not accept a direct nail clipping session. You will need to do a foot massage daily and slowly start nail clipping process. A sharp, high quality nail clipper is available in the market. Make sure to use that. Do it gently and slowly. Do not get in hurry and injure your cat. 

As you agree, cat grooming is not always easy. Some people may need a professional help in many of the above tasks. It may take time, but at the end you will surely learn how to groom your cat at home without any expenses. You can opt for grooming tips from professionals. 

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