Saturday, July 8, 2017

Action Alert - End Elephant Rides in Jaipur

A woman in the group of American tourists visiting Amber fort near Jaipur filed a complaint with PETA. A group of eight men including Mahout, was beating an elephant, who tried to escape from the discomfort of carrying tourist uphill in extreme heat.

Jaipur is very common for excessive violence with elephants. A detailed research of elephants, used in rides and other tourists activities , organized by experienced veterinarians animal-welfare experts from PETA, Wildlife SOS, Animal Rahat in Kerala concluded that many elephants are weak, ill due to lack of food.All elephants suffered from physical ailments. Their owners do not have valid ownership certificate.


The Honorable high court of Kerala, made it mandatory to register the elephants, used in rides, with AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India). In spite this, none of the elephants used in rides in Jaipur are registered with AWBI.

Elephants in kerala are in much pain. Even the Mahouts beat them with iron-tipped wooden sticks, spiked chains, even pierce their sensitive ears and drills holes into their tusks.

Elephants usually walks upto 50 kilometers daily for food, but these captive elephants are constantly chained and forced to stand at one place causing foot problems. Visually impaired or injured elephants also forced to carry people under sun blaze.

Beating elephants, giving them painful injuries is really cruel. Usually Mothers do not wean baby elephants until they are 10 years old but these cruel captors separate them at the age of 3 years only.  

Join PETA in calling on authorities in Jaipur to protect one of India's most sacred animals by putting an end to all elephant rides in the area immediately.

Put an end to elephant rides in Jaipur. 

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